Hackology Blog is a new InfoTainment (Information & Fun) Service , Sister site of Hackology IntSec Portal .

You are not a Hacker if you get a Trojan and Delete your Friends hard drive, You are not a Hacker if you Fool around with MSN tools IP scans and shit like that , But still, you are exploring your knowledge. Programming around playing with tutorials, source codes, exploits, various editors and other tools which guide you through your first steps in the world of Hacking. Hacking is not a certain thing its an Art.

Hacking is a way of doing things, Not on a computer but in general, to explore, to research, to create or destroy so that you learn, a way you might decide to follow like a White Hat or might not, until then

Welcome To Hackology Blog

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It will provide you all sort of computer security related articles,tools,exploits,trojans and bug info.
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