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Facebook Stickers and Emoji for Mobile and PC

  • Written By on May 27th, 2013 | No Comments

    What are Stickers

    Stickers is a new feature of Facebook. They’re bunch of images which are used to show our emotions, but bigger and more diversity. For now, only iOS and Android devices can use this function.
    You Might have Noticed people using Huge Emoticons in Facebook Chat, they are Facebook Stickers the last Update for Facebook Mobile App (Android and iOS) gave way to these Stickers along with re-enabling Emoji Images


    The Drawback of the new Facebook Stickers is that they are made available ONLY on the Mobile Platform and not on the Website of Facebook, that seems Pretty biased eh?

    How to Use Facebook Stickers on Computer / PC

    1. Open your Chrome Browser
    2. Go to Chrome Store
    3. Search for Facemoji extension and download it. [ LINK]
    4. Open the Facemoji extension and login to your Facebook account
    5. In order to use Facemoji icons or Stickers, open your Facebook page and click the Messages button under the Favorites bar on the left.
    6. Now select the friend to whom you want to send the message with sticker.
    7. Click on the minuscule heart button under the smiley icon. Here you go !!! Select any sticker and send it to your friend.

    The best thing about this extension is that it contains almost all the stickers and emoticons that has been loaded in the newly updated Facebook Messenger apps for Android and iOS. It might have much more than the ones available in mobile apps the new ones includes history, meep, bun, hatch, napoli, skellington, pusheen, mango and tigerbell. It also allows you to Use all the Emoji Codes in Status and Comments , one way of doing was to construct using the Emoji Writer and the second easy way is to use this Facemoji Chrome Extension :)

    FaceMoji FireFox Extension

    The Official FaceMoji Message : “Facemoji for Firefox is being reviewed by Mozilla ( this is a required process ) , and hopefully it will be available again in the next few days.
    Sorry for this inconvenience.” See here


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