This post will show you how to keep an invisible name on your Instagram.Its always fun to have something unique and Fun , something which normal users or those not following this blog can not get, like my other post about Blank WhatsApp Status and Message

How to Keep a Blank / Invisible Name in Instagram

As you can see I have no Name on my Profile which you can also check out visiting Instagram Profile, #Hackology. Just Follow this Tutorial to keep the blank or invisible name in your Instagram

  • Scroll Down and Copy the Special Blank Instagram Character
  • Open your Instagram App on your Mobile and go to Profile > Settings
  • Tap on “Edit Profile
  • Paste the Blank Instagram Character you copied above into the Name Field
  • Tap the Check Mark
  • Enjoy you have a unique blank name

Download Special Blank Instagram Character


Note: you may Open Instagram on your PC and Edit Profile and the Special Invisible Instagram Character will work here aswell.

For Any Issues or questions ask in the Comments below.

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Owner and founder of Hackology Internet Security Portal and BlackAngel. These days teach hacking so others can stay safe. Apart from hacking, a Movie Fanatic.Also run a tech Blog, small projects like encrypted paste etc and various PoC and research articles

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