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Torrents Not Working on PTCL Broadband

  • Written By on March 15th, 2013 | 15 Comments

    You might have Noticed since past week that PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited) Customers are having Issues downloading “Torrents”. I hang out in a group called Movie Torrents Collection on Facebook where everyone started complaining about Torrents not Downloading and Speed Issues(here).

    Torrents Not Downloading User Reports @ Userbar | Free Image Hosting

    I thought to share few details why the Torrents are Not Working and How to bypass the Torrents Block  so it may work for you guys

    WHY Torrents are Not Downloading and giving Slow Speeds on PTCL DSL/EVO/Wingle

    PTCL is said to be blocking torrent trackers or throttling the torrent speeds in Pakistan, which has resulted into a blackout of torrent downloads/uploads in the country for customers who are using PTCL DSL and wireless broadband services.  The undersea cable is broke and it is being mended right now. So, in order to conserve the bandwidth for some better usage and not waste everything on downloading, PTCL has blocked torrent trackers, they have played Smartly here because blocking Torrent Sites could have enabled us to bypass that and directly get hold of the .torrent files and still download. so they have Blocked the Trackers so your Torrent Client (Vuze, Bittorrent etc) couldn’t find the “Leechers”/”Speeders” and cant let you download anything if you are on PTCL DSL ,Evo or Wingle.


    How to Download Torrents on PTCL – Bypass Torrent Block on PTCL

    Please Note, that the Torrents will most probably resume as soon as the repair works are finished at the Undersea Optical Cables its not just torrents that are affected, Approximately 10 to 20 percent internet and other communication services have been effected from this incident and the services have been temporarily shifted to SMEW3 and SMEW4.

    -Download any VPN Client of Your Choice i Prefer VPNium or Safe IP because Its Free and shows No Ads whatsoever , you can also follow This Method and Activate Boooost Servers within the VPNium Client

    -After Downloading Install and Run the VPN Client
    -Restart your Torrent Client and you will notice that the Downloads will start

    Another Facebook User shared a Method “heyy finally my torrents are working. try this, it worked for me.
    open thepiratebay.se, and find the file u want to download. 
    on that page along with GET THE TORRENT, there is an option of ‘anonymous download’. open it, IDM will download privatize VPN, run it and there u go torrent starts working.. i really hope this works for u too.”

    It is your choice which ever VPN Client you may End up using

    The Download speeds will ofcourse be slow at times but that’s that only way of doing it for now, if you have more onto this please share in the comments below. Have Fun :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/m0sin121 MO Xin

    thanks .. it works like a charm

  • Ramia

    I have used torrent downloads and it is working on my desktop and not have any problem.Torrents wee facing slow speed previous week due to cable damage underwater but it was not blocked totally.

  • Shaan

    The torrents are not being blocked by PTCL, they are only blocking the torrent trackers. These are software agents, supposedly always looking for new peers, lechers and seekers so that ones torrent client is always connected. The damage to the undersea cable is the main reason for all the trouble, these steps taken by PTCL is to increase the bandwidth for better usage instead of wasting it on downloads.

  • Shaan

    I think no one is facing this particular prob anymore. It has been fixed if there was any in the first place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/m0sin121 MO Xin

    that’s what the article is saying . that due to the repair work they have been disabled torrents (throttling) but i guess now its recovering to almost steady

  • hi

    its not like that my friend they r deliberately stop torrent in PAKISTAN there is a big game behind that some short of Rehman malik short or person and his son involved in it in few days skype to phone call is also not working

  • starbiue_82

    I am already downloading a torrent and only 100MB is left, what to do. Can’t download the big file from scratch again.

    And this problem is not solved (as many users are saying) as i am stil lfacing the problem on Evdo

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    Have you tried downloading the torrent after connecting to VPN as mentioned in the post ?
    and don’t worry its a torrent so what you have downloaded is pretty safe .. and hope the torrent you downloading has enough seeds ?

  • tASZ

    Better to use http://zbigz.com/ instead of torrent

  • Khan

    Dude do U know any other site for Downloading moviez……Which works just lyk torrent……..Dese Idiots,sumbags First took away youtube nd now torrent…….

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    you can check out the Onlien sources here http://mtc.justlol.us/online-sources/

  • Syeda Ayesha
  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    Zain ..why you didn’t use your actual name ? hate Sapmmers like you ..lame craps

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    But that has a 1 gb limit

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