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Mobile Blog, On the Move !

  • Written By on September 15th, 2008 | 3 Comments

    Hello Again !! Now .::Hackology::. Blog can be viewed on the Move i.e via your Cell Phone  .Just point your cellular devices to http://blog.drhack.net and the Mobile Compatible version will load in your device, No Worries…   Enjoy Again Folks !!! See ya then .. Have to wake up for sehri ;)

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    Founder and Creator of Hackology Portal and Servers . Have a long career in network pen testing and hacking servers to enable a harder security currently in research mode where i help others on my Forum

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  • Rahul

    Hi, i am surfing this blog via my Nokia.So ws thnkn if sm post or page 4 mob sectn cn b made.So dat v open it n quickly download mob relatd stuff directly?. . . Thnks

  • http://drhack.net Dr-Hack

    well.. idea is not bad but why everyone gives such a hard task :) …it’l be a sperate project … can be done .. needs time which unfortunatly :neutral: is never at my side… will look into still .. any particular stuff you looking out for ?

  • muqeet


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