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PTCL EVO EC178 USB Modem and Tplink Router Setting

  • Written By on November 5th, 2012 | 13 Comments

    IMG_20121105_153712.jpg @ Hackology UserBar - Free Image HostingI recently got PTCL Evo Model EC178  USB Modem CDMA2000 1x Evdo Rev.

    While trying to connect it to Tplink 3G Wireless N Router TL-MR3420 it would throw out an error “Unknown Modem. Click here to configure the modem manually” in the Router Settings Page .

    I tried goggling but there was no Help available on line for this particular version …

    But Eventually got it working , heres how.



    Procedure to Connect your New Evo with TpLink Router :

    – Find out your TpLink Router Hardware Version.

    -My Router had V1 as Hardware Version so i will proceed by going for an upgrade to V1.
    -Download Latest Firmware of V1 or V2.
    -You can see from your Router Admin area (System Tools > Firmware Upgrade)
    -I downloaded the Latest Firmware of V1. (TL-MR3420_V1_120523)

    NOTE: TpLink Site tells you NOT TO UPGRADE FIRMWARE THROUGH WIFI CONNECTION , but i did wirelessly and nothing happened but better to be careful :D

    -After the Download Completes open Firmware Upgrade Page, Press the Browse Button.

    -Select the Bin file from the Downloaded firmware Zip (will need to Extract the folder)

    - Give few minutes and you are good to go ..


    Hope this will solve some of your issues. Ask in Comments for Help.But do remember that you still need to enter the settings of your EVO from the Router Setting Page >> Network >> “3G”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/arshadmehmood.bhutta Arshad Mehmood Bhutta

    download ptcl modem hacking software at http://owtpk.blogspot.com

  • http://drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    I know you tried Spamming , but just for the other readers sake - there is no ptcl modem hacking “software” .. what is are the standard generic versions

  • adil

    there is a procedure of seting ad-hoc network which enables laptop to work as a wi-fi router ….do u know sumthing abt that if ye plz xplain it

  • http://drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    yes there is a very good program to do that known as “Connectify” which i Provided here http://drhack.net/tabid/27/g/posts/m/5734/Use-Laptop-as-a-wireless-router-for-Mobile.aspx#post5734 .. its easy to configure it .. let me know if you stuck somewhere

  • Rashid

    i have done it,its working but its take time to connect EC-178(take ip address 5-6 minute) then it connected.pls tell me to short the time.

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    hello Rashid ,
    how are the signals of evo at your area ? I have noticed that when signals are low …
    it happens with me aswell but when evo signals are good it quickly gets connected

  • Rashid

    Evo signals are execellent in my area,there is no signal issue.its take time to connect.Before ec178,i was using hauwei 1260 ,its connect with in one mintue.

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    well bro i cant say anything because it takes time with me to connect but where i am now the signals are a mess.. maybe its a evdo device issue ? cant do anything about this :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadeem.mehar.50 Nadeem Mehar Web Created
  • usman

    iski price kitni hai?

  • http://blog.drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    The tplink Router is around 3.6K

  • Jawad
  • Piratehouse
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