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WhatsApp Public Group Invite Links Are Live And Working

It appears that the functionality is live in WhatsApp’s latest beta version (join here) 2.16.102. What’s functional though isn’t the issuing of invites to groups, but the possibility of joining a group if you already have an invite link. WhatsApp is currently only issuing selective people the authority to create Public Chat Groups , soon it will roll out for everyone meanwhile you can just test out the Group I created .

Whatsapp Public Group

WhatsApp group invites will look something like this: . This is a fake link, just to demonstrate the feature. On a working link you’ll see the name of the group, the phone number or name of the person who created it (depending on whether they’re in your address book), and the number of participants after getting a “Verifying Screen” that is the time when Admin of the group will Accept your Request if they chose too.

WhatsApp Group Verify

Features of WhatsApp Public Group

  • Public Group is also limited to maximum of 256 Members
  • One of the Group Admin has to “Approve your Join Request”
  • Its similar to a normal WhatsApp Group , only difference is it can be joined by using a LINK so Admin can just accept the join request without adding the contact in their phones first

WhatsApp Public Group Invite Demo Video

How to Join WhatsApp Public Group ?


Once inside the group it will work just as all the other WhatsApp groups on Desktop aswell

desktop Desktop

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