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Blog got “new dressing”

Everyone might be thinking whether they landed up somewhere wrong or what ?! …

Well we have changed the theme of .::Hackology::. Blog. Fadi insisted that this should be kept, well what I see is that this is a lighter theme which will ensure less waiting (loading times) and improving readability.

So the approach was humble and for the welfare.

My vote goes for the previous theme though :$

As Fadi mentioned in his New Year Newsletter that he wanted a change so, what we say is taken seriously so we got the new Blog Theme . Check it out and let us know.

What i would like to request from you is that you all should let us know about ideas and comments, your feedback is really precious to us.Is this theme looking good or not? If not then why? and no commenting without mentioning :P.

If you have a better skin or theme idea for us, why don’t you let us all know so we can implement your ideas for the betterment :). Your Comments will mean alot to us here.


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