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Google Account Blocked – What Now

Ever thought what you would do if Google banned your account, or have you ever thought that Google could do such a thing? Well, they can. Let’s jot down what Google can do and what counter measures you...

War Selection: Review, Guide and Hack

War selection is a free to play real time strategy (RTS) game. Currently the game is in Early Access thus free for us to play. A lot of updates are being rolled out to add extra features and to make the game...

Futuristic Holograms are Possible Today

Holograms are 3D images that you can see without the need of any visual aid as compared to Virtual reality and Augmented reality. The visual experience of holograms is always mesmerizing but short lived...

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What Hackers Do and Ways to Protect

Internet is a strange place as it gives us information but people tend to break stuff at times, from meaningless hacks to serious cyber espionage. But to someone naive about the dynamics often wonders how the hell these...

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