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Facebook Users See “My Quick Experiments” Dialogue

Few Facebook users all across the internet are seeing a small tab on their Facebook for desktop version which reads “QE“. Internet has no idea what the dialogue is and what it is suppose to do. For...

Dark Web – What Can You Buy There ?

Internet keeps evolving just like laws applicable to it and its use. It has now become a hub where people can interact with each other anonymously, giving them the freedom to create and sustain communities...

Did Google Forget to Renew a Domain?

Yes, you heard it right Google lost domain which resulted in breaking hundreds of thousands of blog. Let’s explore how Google lost the domain, Who registered it and what they may do next with...

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Bitcoin in USA

Is Cryptocurrency Banned in the USA?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and thus can’t be controlled by governments. This puts many governments at unease because if they provide you money and instead of using that, people shift towards other...

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Android 11 Beta

What’s Interesting in Android 11

The first beta for Android 11 released on June 10, which showed everyone a bunch of cool new features like built-in screen recorder, notification history and much more. But the question is, will it be worth upgrading to...

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