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How to Add or Change Manufacturer Information In Windows 10

You might be wondering how can someone change the information displayed in the System Properties of Windows. There are good reasons to change this as well, like if you installed Windows on a newly built custom...

How to Deposit and Withdraw Crypton from

Utopia is decentralized peer to peer ecosystem which provides all the modern day utilities with in one app, including a financial solution : Crypton (CRP) which is the integral cryptocurrency of Utopia. Users...

How To Get Windows 10 Version 20H2

Microsoft has been working on the next version of Windows 10 known as Windows 10 20h2 which will mostly fix errors and bugs with the bonus of minor appearance changes and new functions. This version will be...

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Did Google Forget to Renew a Domain?

Yes, you heard it right Google lost domain which resulted in breaking hundreds of thousands of blog. Let’s explore how Google lost the domain, Who registered it and what they may do next with it. For...

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