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Australia Breaks All Sorts of Encryption : Assistance and Access Bill

Nicknamed Anti-Encryption Bill is the latest bill passed by Australia’s House of Representatives and its official name is Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018. This bill would now allow law...

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg or Bebo

If you own a WordPress site or blog, you must have read the term Gutenberg as it takes over as editor for WordPress 5.0 and people calling WordPress 5.0 as “Gutenberg” which is officially termed as “Bebo”...

Cyber Threat Intelligence Report 2019 – Android Wins Again

Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab focuses on the behavior of malware network communications to develop detection rules that identify malware infections based on command-and-control communication and other network...

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Quora Hacked – What Now ?

I am part of the 100 Million Quora users who got an email telling that Quora system was compromised leading to a 100 Million User Data Hack which might also include information of linked accounts along with the standard...

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