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Google Chrome Navigation Gesture Shortcuts

If you’re using traditional smartphone navigation key, going back on a tab is easy with your android navigation , but how about going forward?. Until now the only way of going forward was involving a...

Facebook Stored Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users had their account passwords stored in plain text which were searchable by Facebook employees — in some cases going back to 2012. Facebook says an ongoing investigation...

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection Capability of AI

Artificial Intelligence implies only to machines; hence it recognizes the environment and copies intellectual functions of human beings and solve problems. In 2025 computers will be as intelligent as humans...

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Google+ Archiving

Internet Archive Preserving Google+

Google+ shutdowns on April 2nd does not mean that you will lose years of your social posts. The ArchiveTeam recently started caching public Google+ content for the Internet Archive. This does not include content deleted...

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