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Automate your Crypto Journey With Binance Auto Invest

In the ever-transforming world of cryptocurrency, navigating the constantly fluctuating market and planning our investments can be overwhelming. But what if you regularly accumulate your favourite assets without the need to constantly monitor prices? What if you could invest in your heart-close project or projects at your desired pace, setting your goals once, and freeing up your energy from constant monitoring? Enter Binance Auto Invest-the solution you’ve been looking for. Binance Auto Invest is an attractive and powerful tool designed to simplify your cryptocurrency strategy.

This guide offers a detailed overview of Binance Auto Invest, providing you with the knowledge to master its features, and use it to build a crypto portfolio that align with your goals. We’ll explore the benefits of Auto Invest, providing step-by-step guide to valuable insights, and equip you with the knowledge base needed to optimize your cryptocurrency investment journey.

What is Binance Auto Invest

Consider it like a crypto piggy bank. You set aside a specific amount, as low as 0.1$, to be automatically invested at chosen intervals, such as daily, weekly or monthly. Over time, you build a holding regardless of whether the market is soaring or dipping. This strategy helps to average out your purchase price and potentially reduce the risk associated with investing large sums at a single price point.

Advantages of Binance Auto Invest

  • Convenience: Auto Invest automates the investment process, liberating you from the constant need to monitor prices and manually place orders. Set it and forget it – Binance takes care of the regular purchases for you.
  • Discipline: Auto Invest instils discipline in your investment strategy. By pre-determining the amount and frequency of purchases, you sidestep emotional decisions based on market fluctuations.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): As mentioned earlier, Auto Invest facilitates a DCA approach, potentially mitigating the impact of market volatility on your overall investment cost.
  • Peace of Mind: Auto Invest alleviates the stress of timing the market. You can invest consistently and construct your portfolio with confidence.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and customize your investment plan with diverse payment options and recurring cycles.

Binance Auto Invest: A Step-by-Step Guide

To harness the power of Binance Auto Invest, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your Binance account. Make sure you have a funded account with either fiat currency or crypto holdings to execute your Auto Invest plan effectively.
  2. Navigate to Earn > Auto-Invest. This option can be located within the Earn section of the Binance platform.
Binance Auto Invest More Menu
Click on “More”
  • Navigate to Auto Invest
Binance Auto Invest More Services Mobile
Click on “Auto-Invest”
  • Choose Your Investment Style: Single Token or Multi-Assets.
    • Single Token: This option enables you to invest in a single cryptocurrency of your choice. It’s Ideal for individuals with strong conviction in a specific coin.
  • Multi-Assets: This option empowers you to create a diversified portfolio by investing in multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. You can either:
  • Build a Custom Portfolio: Select individual cryptocurrencies to build your own personalized basket.
  • Choose a Pre-made Index Linked Portfolio: Binance offers pre-built portfolios that track specific market indexes. This can be a convenient option for those seeking a diversified approach without the need for individual coin selection.

Setting up Your Auto Invest Plan

Once you’ve chosen your investment style (Single Token or Multi-Assets), it’s time to configure your plan:

  • Investment Amount: Carefully determine the amount you want to invest with each Auto Invest Purchase.
  • Payment Method: Select how you want to fund your Auto Invest purchases. Options include fiat currency, stable coin or specific cryptocurrencies supported for subscriptions.
  • Payment Order: Choose between limit or market orders for fulfilling your purchases. Limit orders allow you to specify a desired price, while market orders execute at the best available market price.
  • Recurring Cycle: Define the frequency of your purchases. You can choose “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly”, or even make a “one-time purchase”.

Review and Confirm Your Plan

Before activating your Auto Invest plan, meticulously review all the details you’ve entered, including the chosen cryptocurrency (ies), investment amount, payment method, and recurring cycle. Once satisfied, confirm your plan to initiate the automated investment process.

Additional Considerations for Optimizing Your Auto Invest Strategy

  • Market Research: While Auto Invest streamlines the buying process, conducting thorough market research before selecting your investment cryptocurrencies remains crucial. Understand the project’s fundamentals, tokenomics, and long-term potential to make informed decisions.
  • Investment Horizon: Aligning your Auto Invest plan with your investment horizon is essential for long term success. Clarify whether you are investing for the long term or short term. Understanding your investment goals will help you determine the most suitable cryptocurrencies and define a sustainable investment amount of your Auto Invest plan.


Binance Auto Invest automates your cryptocurrency purchase at regular and pre-determined intervals, enabling you to employ Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to reduce the impact of market volatility. This step-by-step guide empowers you to customize your own Auto Invest plan, choosing between single or multi-assets investments, customizing your payment method, and determining the frequencies of your crypto accumulation. I have been personally using BNB Auto Invest and Index Link options and both of them are in profits, sitting at about 96% profit with my BNB auto invest and 31% with my Index link plan. The aim was just to test out Binance Auto invest feature, before I could write about it.

It’s essential to remember that thorough market research and alignment of your investment horizon with your goals remain crucial for confidently investing or navigating the crypto market as crypto is highly volatile and risky.

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