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Send Blank Message and Blank Status on WhatsApp

blank message
Written by Dr-Hack

How To Send Blank Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not allow us to send a blank message, if we put spaces it disregard those.Blank Character is Shared at the end of the post , although when i emailed the character and opened it on my computer it turned into a Square block knowing that it might spoil it.

WhatsApp Blank Message

What is Blank Message and Status on WhatsApp

This Reminds me of my Old Discovery of the Reverse Character System Manipulation. Before we go ahead i would first like you to know what a “Bank Message” and “Blank Status” is on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp does not allow us to keep a Blank Status nor you can send a Blank Message to your Friends but if you see the images, I have kept a Blank Status and Sent Blank Message as well :D

How I discovered Blank Character

Well , There is a bug in how WhatsApp displays Emoticons and due to that bug I can even come up with Emoji’s which are not available in WhatsApp by Default – although i have not fully figured out the mechanism so i will not share that more until i can come up with the logic behind it.As i was testing , the blank character came up :) which i can share with you all.

How to Keep Blank Status on WhatsApp

Same as with the Blank Message , WhatsApp doesn’t allow a Blank Status but by using the Blank Character shared at the end of the post you can also keep a Blank Status

How your Status Appears to your Friends

Download Blank Character for WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Hidden Secret Beta Features

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  • sid

    I tried clicking on the share button but nothing happens .-.
    any alternative way?

  • thanks:)

  • well then you can share 10 Posts on facebook as Public and prove it up .. i will contact you back then 😛

  • p.s. that was a joke ..
    1. be logged into facebook while clicking.
    2. check for pop up blocker or such ..
    it works for others should for you 🙂
    3.try changing browser

  • Kishan Chauhan

    It’s really great trick. I liked it. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • Vijay VJ

    how to do it ….tell me please

  • Vijay VJ

    tell me how to do it ……please

  • Vijay VJ

    send me the character please

  • Bhuvan Patil

    Copy peast kar.

  • it cant be sent outside whatsapp as already stated

  • Lasya Reddy

    im not getting how to do this 🙁

  • It’s simple , just press the facebook share on that blue box written “share to unlock”.
    You will get a link where you can contact and get the whatsapp number to receive your blank character

  • Hrithik lodha

    Which emoticon?…. The Queen and what’s the other one?

  • On some devices the blank appeared as a Queen , but that was the OLD show . now have a new Character which is blank on almost all devices

  • suvendu

    coollllllllllll trick thanks buddy

  • Hoyin Lau

    Well…lets try! 😛

  • John Blank

    This is very good stuff. Thanks Dr-Hack

  • robin oldekamp

    Very good stuff!

  • Zaroon Ahmed

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  • Joris H.


  • Maria

    to send empty or Blank Messages, very easy…with Noword app for android

  • Sahaj Jain

    Thank you Dr.hack for this amazing trick 😀 Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Nick Doe

    it doesn’t fking work to share this siht! f u, useless attention whroe.

  • you dont deserve to get it then 😛 ..
    the simple reason is I cant share it here.. as its a whatsapp character and secondly i cant even give out my number on public BLOG

  • Vishal singh

    Sir I can’t getting your link here so please sir I would be greatful to you if you msg me blank letter n I’m on fb as Angad Singh please sir I would be greatful to use tthat sir

  • harmeet singh

    He dont give u that
    So take this
    Copy the space in this bracket this is the invisible character —> (◘◘)

  • harmeet singh

    He dont give u that
    So take this ok
    Copy the space in this bracket this is the invisible character —> (◘◘)

  • harmeet singh

    He dont give u that
    So take this k
    Copy the space in this bracket this is the invisible character —> (◘◘)

  • harmeet singh

    Sir ,try to share the character with everyone without any task

    So take this
    Copy the space in this bracket this is the invisible character —> (◘◘)

  • Adolf Hitler

    Thank you. It sounds nice.

  • ravi babu

    hi sir , i have shared ur post but there is no reply ..

  • ravi babu

    please tell me how to get blank character

  • madhan adharsh

    Tell me how to get that blank character on whatsapp in Samsung note2

  • ShihabSoft Analytics

    Hope you guys reach here,

    to have the blank character.
    And Mr.Dr-Hack don’t be so rude with your followers.

    Even they are fellow humans.

  • hhaha dear never rude:) ..
    and thanks for spamming , fellow human like you deserve nothing but crap

  • i even saw your ASCII character , i hope you know what that is ? Unicodes dont break your old RIPPED ascii breaks apart.. whatsapp takes it as a “Space” puff

  • ShihabSoft Analytics

    Ha ha.Thanks for the compliments.
    Go fuck yourself,when you see my 100% genuine article does’t work.

    And you are the fucking admin.You can remove the message if you think its a spam.
    No more args…

  • Mélina Brindeau

    I’ve been wanted to do this for years ! thank you so much for figure it out 😀

  • Widyan Zulal

    Good post

  • freyddy

    Thanks it works! What a great *space*

  • Amz

    Thank you dr hack . ?

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