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Method to Generate Unlimited 50k Facebook Pages

Hi Readers, today I’m up with another amazing method from which you can easily generate unlimited 50 Thousand Likes on Facebook Pages within a month. Yes.! 50 thousand Likes 🙂 Don’t get panicked , I will explain each and everything in this post and If you have any question you can comment below this post or join us on Facebook.


If you are using Facebook and having a good relation with Facebook (Just to know If really you’re a Smart Facebook User 😉 ) then you can use this method to create and establish awesome 50 thousands likes page.

Note: Let me clear here that these likes will be original and from real active Facebook users.

Things you need to know before Start

As this method is tricky and requires your A-game, So it really requires you to be extra smart and confident. You will still need to fulfill these requirements before you start.

  • A Fake Facebook ID, Don’t worry, I will explain it Why a Fake ID 😉
  • List of Big Facebook Groups
  • Accept all friend requests at once Script
  • Unfriend All friends at Once Script
  • A bit of Common sense 😉

Lets Dig into Method

Now Concentrate on my every point and every word, So you can easily learn it 🙂

Fake Facebook ID

As we know 80% of Facebook users are interested in Women and keep searching and adding unknown Facebook female IDs. This is Sad and horrific but still beneficial for smart people like YOU, and here these Fake female IDs will generate 50k Pages for us.

Oh.! Don’t leave reading it here, I am not talking about inviting friends or asking friends to like your page, It’s something different, Carry on reading and concentrate . 😉

Facebook Groups

facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great source of connecting with people and letting people know that You exist. 😛

We will be having a Fake Female ID as I mentioned above, so definitely we will need more and more friends, For that we will post in groups and ask people to add us, You will need to add almost 5k friends every day If you have a Good List of Groups.

Tricky and Main Part of the Method

This is the main part of this method which makes it perfect and Working, You will need to Concentrate here.

First of all you have to post in different groups and connect with more and more people. When you will post in groups you’ll definitely start getting requests, Yes hundreds of requests, so you’ll simply accept these all (I have included a Script for it at the end).

Now after accepting 2 thousand friends, you’ll need to Convert your ID into Page. 🙂 Yes Converting Facebook ID into Page, Did you heard about it before? If No,  Go read about it at Facebook help center.

You Can Convert your ID into Page from this Link

After Converting into Page, You will have a new page, So give it a Decent Name, Now click Next and Migrate your friends into Page, by migrating your friends into Page, Facebook will send a notification to your friends just informing them and without their Click on Like Button, your page will get a like from them. So this is tricky. 😉

convert ID into Page

After adding 2 thousand friends, as Facebook allow us to migrate 2 thousand friends at once. So we will add them and then Go back and Unfriend all your facebook friends (Another precious gift for you included at the bottom of the post which will help you to unfriend all friends at once)

migrate friends into page

After unfriending all friends, go back to your requests tab and accept pending friend requests, if don’t have enough friend requests pending, Do post in groups. You will need to add 5 thousands friends daily for 14 Days in order to achieve a target of 50 thousands likes on page. (14 Days are limited time by facebook to Migrate friends into Page)

How to Earn with Facebook Pages?

Facebook Pages are a great source of earning online, You can make thousands of dollars with your Facebook pages using these methods.

  • Sell Facebook Page (there are many groups which may help you to sell your page)
  • Help Other Admins to get likes from your Page by Sharing their page on Your Page
  • Use and Share links on your page to get hits from their
  • Sell traffic from your Page
  • Go for freelancing and give your service to New Startup Owners for making their 50k Likes Facebook Page

Note: Do not violate Facebook Terms and Conditions

Gifts to Save your Time

As I mentioned in my article that I will give you some gifts (scripts) at the end which will help you to do this method in less time here these gifts are:

Conclusion and Final Words

I have cleared everything and also taught you how you can earn with this method, so don’t only waste your time on Facebook, just go for this method and earn with Facebook, you have a great source of earning. Never wait for some miracles go and help yourself. 🙂

If still you have confusions, Kindly let me know in comment section, You feedback really helps me to Share more. 🙂

Share this Article with your friends on Facebook and other social Circles, So they can also may start earning. Sharing is Caring 🙂


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  • i do have a question here , after converting ID to Page after getting initial 2k friends which turn into likes .. how we are again going to convert back to the facebook profile ?

  • Converting ID into Page means facebook will create a page for you, Your ID will remain “Profile”, and you will get a New Page.

  • Converting ID into Page means facebook will create a page for you, Your ID will remain “Profile”, and you will get a New Page.

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