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[Solved] WhatsApp shows “Waiting for this message.This may take a while.”

Recently WhatsApp users have started seeing a message during chats (mostly noticeable during group chats) which reads Waiting for this message. This may take a while Why “Waiting for this message.This may take a while” appearsĀ in...

Hackers hijack WhatsApp and Telegram accounts using SS7 Exploit

Telegram and WhatsApp are both known for their security and end-to-end encryption and latest forward way secrecy techniques which secure end user data in a good manner. All these security features still doesn’t stop hackers from Hacking into...

Send Blank Message and Blank Status on WhatsApp

How To Send Blank Message on WhatsApp WhatsApp does not allow us to send a blank message, if we put spaces it disregard those.Blank Character is Shared at the end of the post , although when i emailed the character and opened it on my computer it...

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