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Blank Comment on Youtube

How to make Blank Comment on YouTube

Making a blank or empty comment on YouTube is fun and would make your comments stand out, so why not to do that?

This short article will tell you how you can make “Blank Comment” on YouTube which is also known as an “Empty Comment“, Blank comments are comments where you do comment while there is No text,emoji  or space. Copy the Special Blank Character from below which you can paste to make your blank / empty comment. A blank comment would look like this on the comments section :

Blank Comment on Youtube
Blank Comments on YouTube can be done on any channel and even while replying comments

Empty / Blank Comment on YouTube

  1. Scroll Down and Copy the Special Blank YouTube Character
  2. Go to the Comments Section of the YouTube Video where you want to make a comment on Mobile or PC.
  3. Paste the Blank Character which you copied in step 1 into the comment section.
  4. Click on “Comment” or hit enter.
  5. Enjoy! You just posted a unique blank comment on YouTube.

Special Blank YouTube Character

Copy the Space visible between the bold brackets [ ‏‏‎ ] 

This method can be used on YouTube Android / iPhone Apps and also on the YouTube website.

Try out the Blank Comment on YouTube

Check out the video below , on the same video you will find my Blank Comment in the comments area and you can also test out the blank comment on the same comment area of this video following the steps I shared above. Do enjoy the video in HD while you at it.

Make Blank Post Comment on YouTube Community

If you run a YouTube Channel you can also make a Blank Post in the Community Tab , as you can see here. Your visitors will ask you alot of questions after seeing that blank post, some will wonder if something went wrong with their systems. The procedure to make a Blank Post is same, yet I will step it down for your ease.

  1. Scroll Up and Copy the Special Blank YouTube Character
  2. Go to My Channel
  3. Click on Community Tab .
  4. Paste the Blank Character which you copied in step 1 into the Post area where it says “Post Something Publicly” .
  5. Click on “Post” or hit enter.
  6. Enjoy! You just posted a unique blank post on YouTube.

Blank Post on YouTube
Blank Post using the Blank Character on YouTube


Same technique can be used on almost every social media website / app , Websites often share that copy a space and paste it but those tricks stopped working a decade back and they share it without testing them out. Do make your blank YouTube Comment on my YouTube Channel

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