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GoForAndroid with a Merry Cristmas Animation Doodle

NOTE: The Great Fire of Hackology Servers took this post with it after seeing alot of search for this post. I am writing it again so people may get help. If you want to Turn Off any of the unexpected features of your mobile just comment the name of Application you are using and which feature you want gone

We all know the Go People (Go for Android) always do stuff like the Google Doodle , As i Shared the Halloween Pumpkin Appearing on Mobile  Screens few months back.

What is the Santa, Merry Christmas Animation on my Android Home Screen?

Since yesterday on my HTC Android DHD Home Screen there is a Santa Claus with his Carriage ,Sledge and the Reindeer. Dropping gifts on the bottom of the screen and writing “Merry Christmas” with Santa magical Dust and flying from left to right. This Appears when ever I press the Home Key and even with this GoDoodle appearing you can still use the mobile and interact and slide through the screens. The GoDoodle Vanishes you navigate into any of the programs.

The Application making this happen is GoLauncher , all users with GoLauncher Installed will get the Animated GoDoodle, have you seen Yours ?

Although the Santa Claus is having only two reindeers :) i suppose one is Rudolph . But i don’t get whats the hopping kangaroo type things on the bottom of the screen they are part of the GoDoodle but what are they ?

I am also coining the Term GoDoodle for all such Future acts , because they do it very oftenly and deserve a name for it :)

so GoDoodle it is for Go For Android

How did you find this Surprise Animation of Santa dropping gifts on your Android ?:)


How to Disable the Christmas Effect on GO Launcher


To Disable the Christmas GoDoodle on Go Launcher Tap Menu >> Preferences >> “Christmas Effect” >> Turn it “OFF

There will be a Pop-up saying to go check out some Theme with “Check” Button Link press “Back” here because pressing “Check” will take you to Google Play to Get the Premium Theme, Although after that you will need to Again turn the Christmas Effect option to “off” but this time there will no Pop UP

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