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Crypto is Dead : Coinbase deal lets you pay at Uber, Google, Apple and more with Cryptocurrency

The recent decline in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general makes us hear news like “Cryptocurrency is Dead” and “Bitcoin is a Bubble“. I never believed such news and having a decentralized form of currency is the future and it’s here to stay.

Must Read our Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Buying and Trading Guide to get you started if you are new so that you stay clear of scams and know which exchanges / platforms you can trust

Many ICOs did bring a bad name but the same is done in any other industry, Electroneum on the other hand is still trying to improve itself with its real life payment system.

But this article is about Coinbase and its deal with WeGift where you can use your Coinbase Wallet and convert that to buy items in real.

Pay with Cryptocurrency through Coinbase-WeGift Deal

Advantage of said deal is that Coinbase users can now acquire an electronic gift card, that they can stack up with Cryptocurrency from their wallets. The gift card will then be acceptable tender with over 50 retailers, including sizable names such as Uber, Google Play, Apple Store and Tesco.

Whether it’s converting Bitcoin into Uber credits or Ethereum into an ASOS e-gift card, customers will have greater flexibility and control over how they use their crypto

How to Buy E-Gift from Coinbase

The procedure is very simple and easy

  • First ensure that you have some crypto balance in your Coinbase Account
  • Open to get started
  • You will be prompted to authorize any wallet from Coinbase which you can use on WeGift

    Authorize Coinbase Wallet on WeGift for E-Gift
  • After you Authorize your wallet you will get an email confirming that “WeGift Cashout has been linked to your account
  • WeGift will now show you a checkout page where you can select the amount of Cryptocurrency, to whom you want to send the e-gift (you can always email it to yourself), country where the e-gift will be used and which brand you want to use the e-gift for.
  • After selecting all the details including the retailer you will be presented with the final stage of ‘Buying the E-Gift’

    Cryptocurrency E-Gift Card
    Cryptocurrency E-Gift Card
  • After checkout , the details will be emailed to you , happy shopping 🙂

Coinbase-WeGift Supports which countries ?

New countries will definitely be added in future as the project gets old, currently following countries are supported where you can use the E-Gift through Cryptocurrency

  • Australia
  • France
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Netherlands

Benefits of Using Coinbase-WeGift

With the launch of e-gift cards, customers have a new option to spend their crypto balances, realizing its value to buy tangible things or experiences.

Apart from the fact it gives you the most hassle free way of using your Cryptocurency it adds few other benefits aswell, two most noticeable factors are that it gives you upto 5% Bonus and ZERO transaction fee while making use of the inherit property of crypto that it is Instant

Bonus on Brands using Coinbase WeGift
Bonuses on using e-gift from a list of many brands

WeGift has also provided a Fee comparison of using Coinbase Crypto vs Standard E-Gift system and they highlight that you will be saving money while using their service.

Coinbase WeGift Fee Comparison
Save while buying Crypto gift cards


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