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Build your Own Website With Online WebSite Creators

Thinking builds your own website ? Here is a list of online website creator tools that provides freeweb design tools to build website easily. Meanwhile, free web hosting services also included on online website creator tools to host your custom website design creation.

Building a good looking website has been easier using online website creator tools which mostly of tools is easy understand and use without any web site programming knowledge. All you need is selecting the website template that you want , enter website information like typing word processor and draging web data element only. Meanwhile, some of online creator tools even allow you adding photo galleries , video or adding online ads services.

Over here, i will mention some website building services that are free and non-technical which web newbie can easily build their first website within minutes.

List of Online Website Creator Tools Service :

1. Google Page Creator

Website creation tools that allow everyone build a nice website in minutes with their build in templates. All website information can been enter using their WYSIWYG Ajax editor ( Like word processor ). Meanwhile, each user Google page will get an unique subdomain address such as

Once you publish Google pages for public view. A site activity log features is provided for monitoring your visitor information. Plus more, there is no ads includes on Google Page and all the hosting is cover by Google. Lastly, all external hyperlinks are ‘nofollow’ if that means anything to you.

2. Office Live Small Business

Don’t confuse it with the office live small business name. Actually everyone can join up office live small business services for free even you’re no small business person. You can create website over office live small business services easier with the help of tons of professional web templates and color themes to choose from.

Beside that, Office live small business also provides web module for common task like like web forms, photo galleries, live maps,  email newsletters, etc. plus you can also upload office documents to the website. Note: Office Live Small Business has been discontinued because of Office 365

3. Wix- Online flash website creator

An online flash website creator that allows users to create Flash based websites content without any HTML programming and flash design skills. All you need drag and drop a flash object , background and typing in your content to create the flash website.

Meanwhile, this flash website creator also integrated your social services content from YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace and all your favorite sites such uploading photos, videos and music content.

4. Weebly – Online Ajax Website Creator

AJAX based website creator that provides a powerful interface for simplify the web creation process. users to create and manage their website content by dragging data elements like text, videos, pictures, maps and more.

Meanwhile, Web programming geeks also can write their own HTML and add them to Weebly pages. There’s support for Google ads as well so you can even monetize sites created inside Weebly. Plus more, the web content created through Weebly can be published on any server or Weebly host your domain name with 100mb free storage space with unlimited bandwidth.


5. Snap Pages

A flash based website editor that allow you create small website based on your photo and calendar information. You can upload and download photos, and tag and keywords, edit photos, set permissions, create slide shows and share your photo galleries with friends. Plus more, the calendar information can lets your friends and family to keep track of your events. However, the options are slightly limited for non-premium users as they can’t create new pages.

6. Edicy

A simple website creation tools that allow you build a website within minutes by selecting tens of designs template to choose from. Just drag and drop web object elements on it, and you’ll be able to easily customize it.

The interface has some similarities to the Blogger one, so if you are used to updating your blog through Blogger you should not have a problem with this site. Plus more, Edicy website creation tool is more suitable for those techie wants more control over their site layout and it also supports JavaScript code and like Google Sites.



If you thinking start to build a website, why not consider the above online website creator tools to build your first website. and if you know other why dont you share it with other’s ?


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  • it comes as a good news and a bad one…

    good: everyone can create a website by implementing their ideas easily without much the knowledge of the background working etc.

    bad: “without much the knowledge of the background working etc.”

  • Well you are right but for those who “don’t want to attain knowledge” they can also build other wise they would have been sitting duck asking other …

    and the best part of Internet is the availability of Knowledge for those who want to learn …

    You can force a donkey to read when he is not in a mood :mrgreen:

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