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dinkum crab pot guide

Dinkum Crab Pots: Make Fishing For Sea Creatures Easy

In Dinkum fishing isn’t super fun especially for sea creatures because they are small and can not be captured with a fishing rod. However, crab pots solve this issue and a lot of others as well.

In this guide, I will tell you how useful Crab Pots are and how to use them.

How to Use Crab Pots in Dinkum

Step 1: Get a Level 3 Fishing Licence

First, you need to get a Level 3 Fishing Licence from Fletch. You can unlock this after capturing enough fish and getting your Fishing skill to Level 10.

Step 2: Craft Crab Pots

To craft a Crap Pot you need the following items:

  • Copper bar 5x
  • Iron bar 2x
  • Palm Wood Plank 4x
  • Spinifex Resin 2x

Step 3: Place Crab Pots in Shallow Water

Crab Pot needs to be placed in water that is at least two blocks deep to work. Even though you can place them on land and one block of deep water it won’t trap anything.

Step 4: Place Meat in Crab Pots

Now you need to place a lure inside your Crab Pot which can be cooked or uncooked Meat. Now you need to sleep for the day and check on it the next day.

Step 5: Harvesting

After waiting for a day, your Crab Pot should have a trapped item or sea creature inside it. You can verify if there is a trapped item inside a Crab Pot by visible splashes in the water.

Crab Pots Trappable Items

A Crab Pot can capture the following objects:

  • All sea creatures that can’t be caught with a fishing rod like Sea Star, Tiger Prawn, Black Sea Cucumber, etc.
  • All types of shells
  • Logs (Hardwood, Palm, and Gum)
  • Bone
  • Jelly
  • Items like Old Toy, Glass Bulb that you can find by digging
  • Crocodile Tooth

Dinkum: Crab Pot Uses

In Dinkum, a Crab Pot has many advantages like:

  • Passive fishing experience that takes no time
  • Capture hard-to-find sea creatures
  • Make tons of money
  • Get a lot of useful items
  • Complete your museum list
  • No fishing rods required

Remember that you do need to fish in Dinkum to capture fish, but a Crab Pot can not replace a fishing rod. Because only sea creatures can only be captured with your hand or a Crab Pot, but a Crab Pot doesn’t trap fish.

It is best if you place a lot of Crab Pots as these can be a great way of making passive money with no effort.

There are two technical aspects that the developer has missed. Crab Pots shouldn’t be placeable on land, and non-living items shouldn’t make splashes. These are easy to implement but overlooked by the developer.

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