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This is a Very widely asked question so I thought to Jolt down Some Information on how to get it done, what all methods we can use to do soo …

Youtube, the one site that has revolutionized the online videos over the internet. Probably, everyone using internet will listen the word YOUTUBE atleast once in a while. This is similar with Google videos too. You feel comfortable while watching the videos but you have will also have a desire to download them and watch them instantaneously over your PC than going to the site and streaming the video all the time to watch it. The Youtube policy of " stream to see " disgusts me because if you refresh the page unexpectedly, then the video starts streaming from the beginning. When we see footage of love, the absence download collections can no longer watch and when they will regret it. Therefore, the best way is to love download video footage preserved. But YouTube itself only provided online viewing functions, but not mentioning the download link. Download video from YouTube easy, if a download tools to help us be better. Youtube should have come up with some idea to solve this. Let that be a side and now we shall see the methods to get a download a youtube video or a google video on to your PC. Four popular techniques are the following

– Online Downloader sites

– Greasemonkey scripts

– Firefox addons

– Softwares



Online video Downloader sites: In these sites you have to give the url of the youtube video in the space provided and click on "download" to download the file. A few sites that provide this feature are 1. 2. 3. 4. and many more…

This technique is not reliable as at all the times you will not be able to download from their sites

Grease monkey Scripts: This works only in Firefox as Greasemonkey is this addon is supported by Firefox only. You have to install some scripts to download the youtube videos. Steps to download using grease monkey, 1. You should use a Firefox browser, if you don’t have click here to download the latest version. 2. Install the Grease monkey addon from here. 3. After this install one of the following scripts

4. After doing all this refresh the youutbe or google video page to see an icon "save this file"or "download this file " or "get this video ",… 5. Click on it to save the file with a file name. Add .flv to the file name, like if abc is file name, rename the downloaded file as abc.flv

Now use a flv player to view it or download a flv converter like (Riva FLV Encoder Total Video Converter ) into mpeg or avi or wmv format and watch it with normal video player like vlc or windows media player.  

Firefox addons: Here a few addons of Firefox that will directly download the youtube or Google videos

1. Unplug

2. Get video

3. Fast video download

4. Video Downloader

5. Video Download

Software to download Youtube or Google videos :

1. 2. 3. Youtube Accelerator Note 1 : Of all the techniques described above, using grease monkey is the mosty effeciient one and also the most reliable one. Note 2 : The same technique is applicable to Google videos too but the scripts and ddons and softwares my be different. There are other many other methods as well… HOw you get your Video’s downloaded?


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