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Fixed Windows explorer has stopped working Error

While using the internet, one has many options to avail when it comes to talking about the choice of the browser. You can use either Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome or the Microsoft explorer along with many other ones. Most of the people love using the Microsoft explorer and ensure that it is the only one they use in most of the cases. However, one thing that irritates most of the people is when the Microsoft explorer stops working all of the sudden while a person is using it. it is extremely irritating at times especially when you are doing something really important and all of the sudden, it stops working. At such situation, all the important tabs that you had opened to work on need to be stopped which irritates people. The main reason why you have to deal with this issue is that you tend to ignore the update option that Microsoft sends you. Ignoring the update message leads to making it difficult for you to continuously using the internet explorer. In order to avoid it, ensure that you do not ignore the security update message sent to you by Microsoft. Keep on updating the software and it will help you avoiding this problem.

In addition to that, another reason that might cause this problem frequently is the presence of a corrupt device in your system that might make it difficult for the internet explorer to work. You need to keep on updating your drivers in order to avoid this problem as much as possible. Alongside, there is a possibility that you might have installed a new game or software that might inhibit explorer from working properly.

windows explorer has stopped working

If this is a frequent issue with you, do not worry as this tutorial will let you know what to do when the internet explorer all of the sudden stops working. Read more

3 Steps to Fix Windows explorer has stopped working Error

Step 1:

windows explorer has stopped working

The first step that you need to follow as soon as the internet explorer stops working is to scan the entire computer. Scanning the computer will help you in getting rid of all kinds of viruses from the internet. If you already have one in the system, use it. if not, you might need to download and install it before moving ahead.

Step 2:

If your explorer still does not work, you need to move to the step 2 of the process. In this process, you need to remove all the third party software that you have downloaded in the computer. A third party software that is unauthorized might make it difficult for you to use the explorer. For this, you need to go to the start menu of your computer and type run. After that, you need to enter explorer.exe on the new menu. Clicking the enter button will help you in moving towards the safe mode.

Step 3:

windows explorer has stopped working

When nothing else works, you need to update all the drivers that you have. Updating them all will help you in running the explorer in an easier manner. You can also reinstall all of them in order to make the explorer work smoothly once again.

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