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Goodbye to Linux for new OS Fuchsia – Google

Written by Dr-Hack

Google is building a new operating system and kernel to run low-power and fully featured devices for the internet.

Fuchsia (pronunciationon: /ˈfjuːʃə/ few-shə) is a genus of flowering plants that consists mostly of shrubs or small trees. The first, Fuchsia triphylla was discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola by the French Minimmonk and botanist, Charles Plumier, during his third expedition to the Greater Antilles. He named the new genus after the renowned German botanist Leonhart Fuchs


Google has started building a new open-source operating system that doesn’t rely on the Linux kernel.Instead of the Linux kernel, Google’s new OS uses Magenta, which itself is based on LittleKernel, a rival to commercial OSes for embedded systems such as FreeRTOS and ThreadX.

Magenta can target smartphones and PCs thanks to user-mode support and a capability-based security model like Android 6.0’s permissions framework.

When will Google new OS Fuchsia ready ?

The OS has support for 32-bit and 64-bit ARM CPUs, as well as 64-bit PCs. Travis Geiselbrecht, one of the Google developers working on Fuchsia, also confirmed Fuchsia will be ready for Raspberry Pi 3 “soon”.


It’s not clear yet how Google plans to place Fuchsia with respect to Android and Chrome OS. It could, as Android Police speculates, replace both. So far, Google’s only description of itis: “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)”.

How to be part of the OS ?

GIT repositories are online and kicking, indulge in Fuchsia

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