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Google Pay Debit Card

Google Pay Card is Coming

Leaked photos of debit card have surfaced which is being developed by Google. Users will be able to purchase products directly with their Google Pay card or using the app installed in the phone or through standard online payments. Google pay card would be based on a VISA co-branded with different bank partners, such as CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Unit while all the transactions can be tracked easily.

Techcrunch reported that Google pay card will be the cornerstone of Google pay app which will allow it to compete with Apple card and Apple pay. Google Pay currently only makes payments utilizing a commonly issued credit card online and peer-to-peer transfer. A Google Pay Card will massively increase the application’s use cases and the ability of Google as a Fintech giant.

Google Pay Debit Card
Google Pay Debit Card Transaction Details, Credit: TechCrunch

Google Card Features

It is expected that Google will manage financial initiatives as their email and mapping apps. The information stated here is not final but uncovered from the leaked photos of Google pay debit card and currently it is also uncertain how soon Google will launch it.

Google Pay Card
Google pay Debit Card, Credit: TechCrunch
  • As seen in the picture above, Google pay card will be co-branded by its partnering banks.
  • It will be a chip card with the VISA network, while Mastercard may be sponsored by Google in the future
  • The users will be able to use a fingerprint or PIN as a security feature to add or transfer money from Google app (most likely Google pay) linked to their account
  • Users could also pay for shopping using the Google debit card, including contact less payments, whether they are linked with their banks or their credit cards.
Google Pay Debit Card App Settings
Google Pay Debit Card App Settings, Credit: TechCrunch
  • Users will be able to decide what information they want to share for their transactions. However, it is still unknown what options one can opt-out from. The picture above shows notification and privacy control options while details are not currently known
Google Pay Debit Card Card Number
Google Pay Debit Card Reset Card Number, Credit: TechCrunch
  • There would be a virtual version of Google debit card on your mobile, which can be used for Bluetooth mobile payment or could be utilized online and on in-app payments.
  • This virtual card is different from Google’s wallet as it could be reset or completely locked in case of theft or unauthorized access.
Google Pay Debit Card Lock
Google Pay Debit Card Lock, Credit: TechCrunch
  • There would be an option to lock or order a replacement card in case user suspects an unusual transaction or misplaced his card while online payment could be made using the virtual version of the card.
  • Google would provide detailed information about any transaction made with Google debit card such as name, date and price of the vendor, location of the purchase on the map, find direction for the shop or call the shop.
  • While you could choose what information Google should store against your transactions. If users do not know a purchase, the card’s comprehensive protection options are easy to protect themselves.


Google is a little late in offering debit cards as its rival Apple launched Apple Card in August 2019, which also comes with a virtual card connected with Apple pay. It is also uncertain how much power Google will offer users to limit access to their data. However, Google can create new revenue and data sources by creating a smart debit card.

This could theoretically charge conversion fees for card transactions or other account fees and break them up with its banking partners.

Google Pay debit card may use transaction data on what people buy to enhance analysis or even targeting of ad campaigns, depending on its privacy decisions. Brands may be prepared to purchase more Google ads if the tech giant can show that they are creating a revenue boost.

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