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Google’s Reader Play, Slideshow of Interesting Stuff

OK, I can see myself waste some time with this and not getting Bored.

Google Reader Play is a casual, push style way to feed yourself distracting/ enlightening/ inspiring snippets, imagery and videos. You can star a specific page, Like it or share it, but just jumping from page to page using the bottom navigation works too.

Note Reader Play is personalized. Google writes, “We use the technology behind Recommended Items in Reader to populate Reader Play with the most interesting content on the web. While you don’t need a Google account to use Reader Play, your experience will be personalized if you sign in.” Google says that “Reader Play adapts to your tastes” (click Like, and more stuff like that should appear, Google suggests).

You can also set this app to auto-play, which sort of clashes with specific YouTube videos though… it would have been smarter to wait until a video ended playing before moving to the next bit. Now, I noticed that the actual source or author of a particular piece ends up as a kind of by-the-way footnote in this stream of stuff – even clicking on the “from” link will merely load that blog into Reader Play, and not open the source site – but I guess that might be the way of RSS and/ or the future. although they quickly fixed it and now it gets rendered quickly

The first check made me amused…
The results it fetched where amusing let me put few clippings from there in this post

World Most Useless Device

Indeed it is the worlds most useless device 🙂


and it keeps coming so to keep your time waste interesting thats something interesting.

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