Happy Birthdayyy !! =)

Its Hacky’s birthday… so i took some time out of the next semester registration crap to make this post… hope you have a blast 🙂

Happy Birthday to Dr-Hack

Happy Birthday to Dr-Hack

PS: ignore the name and the age… just liked the concept 😀

  • hehehe

    Thanks 😀 …
    some one asked what are your birthday plans and i was like “uhhhh ” 😀

  • that Portuguese ‘person’ asked that ? 😛

    btw i dont really have much of a ‘different’ day on my birthday either… just get to eat my own cake though 😀

  • yeah same goes for me .. same day no change at all ..
    don’t why for some its such an important day 🙂


    oye hack it was ur b’day??????when u neva told me budy
    n e way HaPy B’dAy

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