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Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto

How to Buy Discord Nitro with Cryptocurrency

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service offered by Discord, a popular chat and voice communication platform widely used throughout the world. This premium subscription provides users with some exclusive features, which are not available to regular users. If you are a discord user as well as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you might be interested in upgrading to this premium subscription via cryptocurrency payment. In this article, we’ll explore how can you buy Discord Nitro with crypto.

What can you do with Discord Nitro?

The Discord Nitro Uses include a wide range of features for premium users. Users with premium subscriptions get an option to stream their gameplay or screen sharing in 1080p and 60fps. These are significantly high figures when it comes to streaming standards. Moreover, Nitro users can access a variety of custom emojis which are always fun to use when chit-chatting with friends. Nitro users also get access to a library of games that can be played within Discord.

How much does Discord Nitro Cost?

Discord offers a variety of plans for Nitro subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month. Discord also offers an annual subscription which costs $99.99 per year offering significant savings.

Discord Nitro Subscription Plans

Where Can I Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto?

Unfortunately, Discord does not provide the direct option to buy Nitro directly with cryptocurrency. However, some marketplaces like Crypto Awaz offer this service where you can purchase Discord Nitro using cryptocurrency. Buying Discord Nitro with cryptocurrency is fast, reliable, and secure. As cryptocurrency transactions are often faster and more secure than traditional payment methods. If you already have cryptocurrency, it can be really convenient for you to buy discord nitro with crypto as you have to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat first.

What is Crypto Awaz?

Crypto Awaz is a website that offers cryptocurrency news, prices, analysis, etc. The website covers a wide range of topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Other than just providing information, Crypto Awaz is a website-based marketplace where one can purchase goods and services using all major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin lighting. Crypto Awaz offers goods like cold storage wallets and services like cryptocurrency courses and Discord Nitro subscriptions.

How to buy Discord Nitro on Crypto Awaz?

A step-by-step guide with a demonstration of each step is provided below. To buy Discord Nitro on Crypto Awaz, you can follow these simple steps.

1. Navigate to the Discord Nitro product page. Then choose Basic or Boost Nitro according to your needs.

Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto
Discord Nitro Plans

2. You can also select the Monthly or Yearly plan as per your requirements.

Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto
Monthly and Yearly Plans

3. After selecting the plan, click “Purchase” and then “Checkout” which will lead you to the payment page.

4. For payment, you can select your desired cryptocurrency among the listed ones.

Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto
Listed Cryptocurrencies on Crypto Awaz as a Payment Option

5. Upon selecting the cryptocurrency, you will get a wallet address where you will have to send the same amount of payment mentioned.

Buy Discord Nitro with Crypto
Payment Option Demonstration on CryptoAwaz

6. After successfully making the payment, you will receive an email containing the instructions and the gift voucher for Discord Nitro.

7. Finally you can redeem that gift voucher in Discord.

If you have any further questions or issues, you can join Crypto Awaz Discord server. You can approach the admin or moderator and raise your concerns.


Buying Discord Nitro with cryptocurrency can be a really convenient and secure way to uplift your Discord experience. Cryptocurrency transactions are private, fast, and secure. You get the benefit of using your existing cryptocurrency so you don’t have to convert to fiat currency to buy the subscription. If you are looking to buy Discord Nitro with cryptocurrency, marketplaces like Crypto Awaz offers a simple and secure way to do so. Crypto Awaz is an excellent choice for purchasing Discord Nitro and other products using a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and a user-friendly interface.

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