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Make Computer your Alarm Clock

Hello ,  I use to think sometimes if I can get an alarm in my Computer … But- have you ever wonder there is no such feature as “Alarm” in Windows atleast .. Now thats pretty Lame for an OS which likes to get hold of each and every seperate small app and ship it along it OS package …

We might have a Solution …

Solution 1

is a website called Kuku Klok, combined with turning my speakers all the way up.


Note: of course this requires your computer being in the same room that you are sleeping in.

Using Kuku Klok

Once you load the page, you simply set the time you’d like to wake up:


Select the sound you want (previewing it helps to test if your speaker volume is up enough)


And then click SET ALARM.


The great thing about this website is that it will work even if your internet connection goes down after setting the alarm. (In fact you can use this site offline by doing File \ Save As \ HTML Complete).


Personally I think the Slayer Guitar sound is the best for waking me up.

Disable Other Windows Sounds

One problem you might notice is that Windows will sometimes make other sounds during the night which might interrupt your sleep… I recommend going to Control Panel \ Sounds and then setting the Sound Scheme to “No Sounds” on the Sounds tab (works the same in XP or Vista).




So Start Using  Kuku Klok 

Must Read:  Google Kindly Block this Service in my Country

Solution 2

Basically same as Kuku Klok ,
this Solution is Sleep.Fm –
You can set 3 Alarms and different varities

These are all for now … WIll be on the look for more …

Other Online Alarm Services: (Use that you like)

Online Alarm Clock – With Stop Watch And Military Time

btw I think there are many online such services because its soo easy to make

Well Enjoy ! and dont be late in getting up

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