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Online Music Listening, That Simple in 2011 ?

Online Piracy Protection and Music Protection got real serious in the recent past years … but today while surfing some site I found a Widget of online music player I clicked that and went to the main site … Guess What ?

Groove Shark

A Site exists in 2011 which lets you play each and every song you want (I tried most of the new ones i could remember) and that too with no “Registration” and “Click-here-there” Trash , Just simple layout , search a song and play it and add to your Playlist and if you want more

Thats not all you can upload your own music create playlists as well – GrooveShark also supports various Widgets where users like me myself can add widgets on blogs,websites etc

The only catch is there privacy policy and Terms of use , they say in any case the site wont be liable for any piracy if someone is thats the user :p

The only reason i am dedicating a post to this site , is i found it very useful for the song i was looking for 😉 .. So this site deserved this much to get a post on my Blog 😀 … Pretty Lucky Groovshark is, Al right thats enough now you people should go and check it out and let us know how you found this many will be knowing it already , new for me means new for the world as i see it 😀

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