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Remember Red Alert 2 ? It’s Back

Red Alert 2 was a Command and Conquer series which was played by many being one of the best of it’s time. Out of no where, someone just ported the Red Alert 2 game into a web version and it is now playable in any web browser and even work on mobile browser as well. In addition

The Web version of Red Alert 2 includes a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends or other players online. Though it is obviously not from EA or Westwood Entertainment, the amount of work to make this possible is astonishing. The guys who went and put their effort to make it work is unbelievable and the game works pretty smooth in a browser.

Red Alert 2 Web Construction

How to Play Red Alert 2 in Web Browser

To play Red Alert 2 in a web browser just head to It will automatically load the game at few seconds and lead you right to the main menu screen.

Red Alert 2 Menu

Clicking the Custom Match will allow you to create your own account which is required to access this web based version of red alert 2. However no email is required for the signup.

Red Alert 2 2021 Web

After that, you can select any available game from other player or create your own game.

Once you’ve successfully connected into a match it will load the game and you’re good to go. You can now build your empire and defeat the other players.

You can check out the developers community where they discuss the game and their plan forward on their Discord Server. Enjoy the game and relive some old memories.

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