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Apple deliberately slows iPhone before a new release

Yes, Its true and this article will be short with the only aim to show with statistics that Apple is indeed slowing down iPhone when ever a new model is released.

History of Apple slowing down iPhone after newer release

Internet is full with articles showing research of Laura C. Trucco of Harvard University ,in 2014 she analyzed Google search results while comparing the launch dates of a newer iPhone. Her findings were very interesting, after release of a new iPhone model the search term “iPhone slow” increased dramatically. iPhone lovers might say its coincidence but its not called coincidence when the same happens for over 7 times.

The above chart shows how searches for slow iPhone took a spike when ever there was a release , but every site even now is sharing the same research which ends on 2014, lets go ahead and see if Apple learned anything stopped manipulating our iPhone

Apple slowing down iPhone with a new release

Moving ahead with our research here its clear that Apple is still making iPhones slower , the data of latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X can not be calculated as Google currently is not providing very detailed data of September 2017, but the partial data is showing the same results as latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X were announced on 12 September and if you see the data its again the same , people trend of searching “iPhone Slow” increased after a newer iPhone is released.


How Apple turn our iPhones Slow ?

This is the interesting part , every new iPhone release is followed by a newer version of iOS and apparently that is the main cause , iOS somehow turns our old iPhone slow as it is meant keeping in view the latest iPhone .

The theory states that manufacturers of everything from cars to microwaves build in a certain lifetime to a product and then it will simply stop working, forcing consumers to buy a new one and Apple is no different here.

Hope Apple stops doing this in future and maybe consider the old customers aswell for once.


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