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SmsLive.PK A Free Msn to Mobile Messaging Solution

SmsLive introduced a new exciting way to chat with your friends and family. With the launch of MSN Live Messenger, Microsoft introduced the Chat with Contacts over SMS feature. But like all other good things, this feature is only available for a few countries.

An unofficial version of this service has been launched by using which you can chat with you mobile contacts. This service only works for Pakistani mobile numbers but can be used from anywhere in the world.

Although SMS costs very less in Pakistan, same is not the case with other countries. For example, a user from Dubai reported that it costs him between 11 Rs. and 40 Rs. to send an SMS to any Pakistani mobile number, depending on his tariff package. Another user from Finland reported that the “ease of use” factor for this service has replaced her mobile for SMS chat with friends and family back in Pakistan.

The best news is that this service is very simple to configure and works for Two-Way conversations. All you have to do is to download and install a client software from the website. After installation, just sign-out and sign-in again. You will be connected to the service.

Check the screenshot for a better understanding how it works. The Link to the website is


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