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Suicide Attack

Suicide Attack – What Devil is it in Face of Illiterate People Well you people must have heard the news of a recent suicide attack in Nowshera which was caught before the attacker could blow him self up …  I dont know if these pictures are available any where or not but I felt pity for the boy wearing the jacket. Do you think he is mature enough to even know that what will be the Consquences ? .. He is another Brain Washed KID who thinks we he is conducting "Jihad" but is the education of our religion still so dim that people don’t even know the meaning or Jihad ? … What I get is this is the Foreign Influence i.e America,India and sorry to say even some muslim countries which are trying not to get Pakistan to be stable ..There are Confirmed reports of U.S Dollar being supplied to these people which were found under the CIA transaction lists … What ever the reasons might be its time we unite … Here I would like to collect the mind set of the general Population of Pakistan on this Aspect … ??? Hands are kept aside so he does not alarm the fuze visible wiring the jacket   bomb disposal- quickly opened and made the threat useless.

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