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USB Write Protection,Virus at Bay

Wrote this post like months ago but it was saved in the drafts … pretty bad i guess so publishing now  🙂

After Writting Explaining:Autorun.INF/AutoPlay & Downadup USB Worm This Question came up that how to completely protect a USB , One approach is to have NTFS partition and add a user role to have security and user control to avoid un wanted files to automatically write to your USB – But this Approach is not so good as I have seen alot of criticism of converting USB’s to NTFS .

What else We can Do to Protect USB’s ?
Old Flopy Disks came with the write protect latch which some model of USB also had but where they go now ? … May be we can have some software to trigger it up ?

Let’s see now 🙂

Portable USB WriteProtector
The USB WriteProtector is developed to prevents write access to a USB stick. It will not permit data writing on the drive keeping it safe from surreptitious malware writing.

SoftPedia-USB Write Protector
SoftPedia-USB Write Protector

This is a very small handy Application (Just 187kb ) which works on mostly all Windows version .
Can Be Downloaded From Here.
Limitation: This needs to be installed on the machine where the USB is inserted ? .. so whats the advantage… geeky way we can read from USB so keep a copy on the USB if you use a new machine run it first from USB to access 🙂 ..




Portable Firewall – DriveSentry GoAnywhere

DriveSentry GoAnywhere is the world’s first firewall for removable devices, dedicated to providing personal data protection on devices such as USB flash drives, flash memory cards, removable disks, digital cameras and media players.

DriveSentry GoAnywhere screenshot 1 - The entire configuration to be made in DriveSentry GoAnywhere consists in enabling the app to allow software verified by DriveSentry to access the portable device.DriveSentry is a new generation of Security 2.0 antivirus technology that works by only allowing good programs to access your device, protecting you from zero day threats and giving you real-time up to the second security.

DriveSentry GoAnywhere not only provides up-to-the-second antivirus protection it can also protect you from data theft by providing a secure encrypted folder on your device.

Essentially this enables you to transport your personal data safe in the knowledge that it will not fall into the wrong hands if misplaced, lost or handed to someone you do not fully trust.

This secure area enables the encryption of files by simply moving them into the folder, making the action of securing your personal files quick and easy.

Download DriveSentry

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