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What Google knows about YOU ?

Google Knows alot about You – but here its trying to give you an option to hide/modify or remove something you don’t like sharing out but then again u had it once , it might be flagged not to be shown to visitors but lets have faith in Google 🙂

When you’re at Google and switch to Settings → Google account settings you may now (if it’s already rolled out for you, that is) see a link to Google Dashboard reading “View data stored with this account”. After logging in with your credentials, Dashboard presents you with a detailed list of Google services and the associated data you’re storing with it. Each item, like Blogger, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Health and so on contains a couple of lines of sample data, as well as links to edit your profile for that service, view the service’s privacy policy and more.

I think it’s excellent that Google makes available all this privacy relevant data in a single place. You might be surprised how much Google knows in case you’ve already forgotten a service or two you’ve signed up with. One thing to watch out for on the page is a little blue icon  meaning “this bit is public”. At the bottom of the page, Google disclaims that 32 more products haven’t yet been made part of Dashboard (and it’s probably worth noting that Google may also not intend to list every single bit, like log files containing your IP or so.)

Google Accounts: About the Dashboard

What Google Says about there Dashboard

We created the Dashboard to help you answer the question: ‘What information does Google have about me?’ Organized by product, the page displays product-specific data that’s associated with your Google Account.

Watch the video below to learn more about Google Dashboard.

Well these days i am having a feeling that google is ending up making too much of services and as in past it had to Kill Its Product Hope that doesnt happen again…

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  • the latest addition to the “Google Knows You” phobia is Google Wave and the upcoming “Google Chrome OS” will heighten this phobia, and very rightly so !!

    I am trying my best not to get dependent on Google and have most of my info saved on their servers !!

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