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Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

UPDATE: Apparently, Microsoft has taken off the download for Windows 7 Beta… but you can still get a key generated by the link provided below !! Keep checking for more updates 😀


I recently saw a couple of screenshots and screencasts of Windows 7 Beta and really liked it !!

You can watch screencasts/videos of Microsoft Windows 7 here.

So, I went about looking for download links to it and stuff so I am letting all the readers know how to get their copy of Windows 7 Beta

1. Open this link.
2. Enter your details (mainly: What best describes you; and, What’s your primary OS at the moment)
3. Click on continue
4. Copy the Product Key !!
5. Click on Download Now
6. It starts downloading in a Java Applet !!
7. Install and use the Product Key you copied earlier
8. Explore and enjoy 🙂

PS: This is the download link for 32-bit edition !!

This is the starter page… just scroll down and choose your language 32 bit or 64 bit edition and click on the relevant “Go” button !!


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