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Youtube Give your Channel a New Look and Design

Just Went to open my Youtube Channel and saw there is an “Upgrade” my Channel so let see what it is as i write this Post.

On Clicking Next we see that Youtube has rolled out an interesting feature that is the “The Chanel Feed” and the pop up box shows 

Now this is one Interesting thing the control sharing settings has some detailed items through which you will be able to share all the new happening on youtube and on your connected sites it will act like an RSS of youtube , like even a new comment on any of your video is a notification point and will be passed to all ..

These were the points Youtube told us about rest were disvovered now lets get to know those.


On the upgrade our previous featured Video vanishes and videos are shown as per the date of upload. So if you’re like me and you want that featured video back, make sure to go in and set it. Click on the Edit button above the top video on your channel.Use the dropdown menu to select your featured video if its in Uploaded videos, Favorite videos, or a custom playlist. Then uncheck the Most Recent Video Box in Featured Set to see all of your videos in the category you chose. Click on the video you want as featured and then click Apply.


Beneath your featured video is a playlist, usually set to your most recent uploads or another playlist. Click on the Edit button above this playlist to choose what you want displayed.

Select the playlist (Uploaded videos, Favorite videos, or a custom playlist) you want displayed below your featured video and then click Apply.


To edit your channel’s information, click on the Edit button in the right sidebar above the About You text.

The downside to the new changes is that there is no longer any customizable field that counts as the meta description for your channel and your links are no longer dofollow.


The upside is you can include more links on your channel to your website, social profiles, etc. While they may not have SEO value, they are in a great position to be clicked upon by visitors to your channel.

Beneath your links are additional fields about you as the user, your hometown, occupation, companies, schools, and interests. The most important area to fill out is the top About box and your links as the rest of the information will be hidden unless someone clicks on the more link.



Underneath your information and links are two areas where you can highlight your featured playlists and featured channels (or links to other YouTube channels). Click on the Edit button above each section to set these in the order you prefer.


Revert Back If for any reason you dont like the new Channel you can simply Revert back by Clicking “Edit my Channel” and under Appearance Tab you will see Channels Version .. 🙂


If you havent noticed your profile its time that you go down and get it tidy 😉

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