YouTube TV Opening it on PC

Ron sent in above screenshots of a new YouTube service specifically aimed at being watched on TV…, as announced by YouTube. YouTube says the site is available for the PlayStation 3 and the Wii. When you visit it on your computer, you’re redirected to the normal homepage.

However, Ron – who took above screenshots from his computer – explains the following hack to view it anyway (HTML’ified):

  1. Install User Agent Switcher 0.6.11 for FireFox
  2. Set Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00) and Opera/9.23 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1038-58; Wii Internet Channel/1.0; en)
  3. Go to
  4. Press F11 (FireFox full screen)
  5. Connect your PC to the TV

Thanks for Providing this to the world 🙂

  • is not opening up at my end 🙁

    Is it an issue at my end or has YouTube pulled it down for the time being ?? 😐

  • My Solution, without User Agent Switcher:

    1. type url = about:config
    2. right mouse and type: general.useragent.override
    3. set to: Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 2.00)

    have fun !!!

  • AWESOME !!… i LOVE simple tweaks that dont need you to install yet another app or plugin !!

    thanks for sharing .. 😀

  • @ByRev … Even better a way…. but i dont need youtube for tv .. who has time now to waste 😛

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