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5 Encrypted Messaging Apps You Should Know

Have you ever worried about your private text messages being spied on? This may be because you are using a non-secure messaging app. When you use non-secure messaging apps, you may risk getting hacked or stealing your private information.

Source: — Kevin Malik

Thankfully, there is an encrypted text messaging mobile application that you can download and use safely. With encryption, your text messages and the information you include in your texts are safe. So, here are a few recommendations on encrypted messaging apps for your interest.


One of the most popular encrypted text messaging app choices is Signal. It is a free messaging app for Android phones and iOS devices. Signal uses its end-to-end encryption protocol for voice calls and chats. With this app, you can send personal and group texts, voice calls, media, and attachments to your contacts. What is nice about Signal is that you do not need PINs or unique login credentials to access the app. Additionally, it allows you to have up to 40 participants at once in video calls.

Moreover, even when you are not on your phone, you can access your texts with a web browser. Even when you change your phone number, Signal enables you to keep your Signal account data if it is used on the same device. In addition, with the most recent update, Signal has added more user-friendly features such as customizable chat backgrounds and animated stickers.


Another great texting app that is encrypted is Telegram. The app is available for iOS and Android, free of charge. With Telegram, you only need to link your phone number to a Telegram account. Then you can access it on your phone, browsers, or desktop app.

In addition, Telegram is not just an excellent encrypted messaging service, but it is also a worldwide social media platform. This app has substantial user groups and broadcasts that allow its users to reach millions of followers instantly. You may even have a group chat with up to 200 thousand members. However, encryption is not enabled by default for Telegram. You have to switch it on manually and use the Secret Chat Mode. In addition to this, you can even send self destructing texts and media. It is also important to note that chats with more than one person are not end-to-end encrypted.


One of the most popular encrypted messaging apps, WhatsApp, is also a good choice to add to your phone. Like most apps, it is also usable on your iPhone and Androids. What is nice about WhatsApp is that it has been using end-to-end encryption on all messages since 2016, and the developers are constantly improving this feature.

In addition to the encryption, you can even send self-destructing text messages, videos, and pictures. Choose the duration that you would like the delivered item, whether it’s a message or media, will be available for the receiver to access them. For instance, you can choose to have messages disappear after 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. To be more secure with chats, WhatsApp users can verify each chat’s 60-digit security-verification code or QR code.

Source: — Mizuno K


For those who like SMS or MMS, here is an app that gives you more security than your standard text messaging. This open-source programme, Silence, uses the Axolotl encryption technology created by Signal and applies it to SMS sent through the phone. Like the usual SMS experience, Silence allows you to send text messages to your contacts but with the option of encrypting. In addition, this app is free for you to download, with no extra cost to use.

However, Silence is only available for Android users making it difficult for you to text your loved ones if they are using Apple devices. That being said, Silence is still an excellent option for an encrypted messaging app. Plus, this app does not need the internet to work, so if you ever find yourself with no internet, you can still send messages.


Threema mobile app is also another option for an encrypted messaging experience. It is available for both Androids and Apple devices for the price of $3.99. For this price, you get to have private chats and end-to-end encryption without needing your phone number or email.

When you start the app, it will generate a unique Threema ID key, which allows you to use the app anonymously. Despite being so, you can also make an account, making it easier for other Threema users to find you. Like other texting services, Threema also offers you voice messages, pictures and video sharing, and up to 20MB of file sharing. Plus, emojis, group messaging, and polling options are also available for users to use while texting.

The only downside is that Threema has yet to be used by most English speakers. Which makes it hard for you to text anyone on the app unless you are speaking or learning German. However, the app is still one of the best-encrypted texting mobile apps that you can get due to its robust security.


It is clear that there are a plethora of encrypted texting apps available for you to download. Although it is encrypted, it is also worth noting that you should always be careful and mindful of the information you write down in chats. With that said, hopefully, this list has helped you choose a suitable application for your chats. Good luck!

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  • […] End-to-end encryption is a security feature that ensures that only the sender and receiver can access the content within a two-way communication. The feature ensures that third parties like scammers, government, or even platform providers can’t access the communication contents. For example, if you use WhatsApp, you must have seen this message when starting a chat: “Messages and calls are end-to-end-encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.” That’s how end-to-end encryption is necessary for user security. Here are a few encrypted messaging platforms. […]

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