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Lets take down the Scammers

We All get junk email, most of us do not even bother going through them but how about having a Bot talk to those scammers and waste their time. More time wasted of a scammer is less time for the scammer to get an actual victim. Re:Scam is the company which came up with this great idea.


The idea is that any time a jerk spends engaging with the bot is time that can’t be used to target actual victims. People have passed some 6,000 emails to  Re:scam this week alone, and apparently there were 1,000 concurrent conversations at one point. So far the longest email chain has involved 20 exchanges. 

Check out this short introduction video which will explain all the procedure to you in a glimpse.

How to Take Down Scammers by AI ?

When ever you get a scam / spam email just forward it to [email protected]

It is your duty to follow it up , i did setup an email and indulge with the conversation with this bot but the issue is the bot replies instantly that makes it bit fake (computerish) apart from that the conversation seems real and interesting

Drawbacks of AI Bot fighting SCAM

Although it does raise alot of questions, what if there is AI on the other side aswell ? will two bots engage in a conversation while the winner being the bot with greater processor power ? or what if These tactics simply improve the scammers and they perfect their scamming techniques ?. These things can not be answered as of now , let see what stats Re:SCAM provides us with their scam fighting

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