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Chrome not Supporting Gmail?

First HELLO from my side – Posting after a long time Fadi have been a real lazy person like me not keeping you UPDATED … aahhh Well

I was using Gmail in Chrome that my internet got disconnected and the built in web chat messenger signed me out and gave me an error msg – for no obvious reason or intentions of getting any help … I clicked on the “Learn More” link on the bottom of that error msg….


That link took me to this Page – there Google came up with some troubleshooting quiz to solve my issue, Well Lets try it out – first option was the Choose your Anti Virus, man was it tough to select out of soo man options or what 😉
 now the real thing happens – they ask me to select the Browser I use  and I am using Chrome , guess what its not in the LIST … Why ?… thats very strange to me .. forgot to update ? .. 

Well, I still like Google they do something forget things ,its Humans its natural right ? 😉

Stupid Loveable Gmail and Google 


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  • this might be irrelevant to the post… but personally I prefer firefox over Chrome myself… the main reason being : PLUGINS / ADD-ONS !! :-/

  • you an undynamic single tracked firefox lover … cant help you :p

    and yes it was very very unrelevant- if Askimet had AI , your comment was to be trashed :p

  • If you are a web-developer (or somewhat into it 😀 ) then checkout the add-ons like FireBug and ColorZilla !! You will bow down to FireFox =p

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