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Facebook Killing Moments : How to Export your Images

Facebook Moments which released in 2015, lets you share pictures with your Facebook friends that are stored on your phone without actually uploading the photos to the social network itself. The concept was similar to Google Photos, was for people to be able to easily swap group photos or vacation pictures more easily.

Although it was never as useful as Google Photos are , nor Facebook was able to gather a huge amount of user traction. Realizing the same Facebook decided to pull the plug in a statement given by Rushabh Doshi, director of product management for Moments

We’re ending support for the Moments app, which we originally launched as a place for people to save their photos. We know the photos people share are important to them so we will continue offering ways to save memories within the Facebook app.

The Moments App Is Going Away Soon

You might have been greeted with “The Moments App is going away soon” message on your Facebook profile with following message

Jon Doe, the Moments app will no longer be available after February 25. We know your photos are important, so we’ve made ways for you to export and keep them.

Facebook Moments App
Notice on Facebook Profile that Facebook Moments App is going away

Facebook Moments has few more days before it will be closed , as stated that 25 February will be the last day of Facebook Moments. You can click the “Export Photos” link to proceed with the export procedure.

Why Facebook is Closing Facebook Moments App

Facebook shared that it’s shutting down the app because not many people are using it. Facebook declined to share user stats and usage. But a third-party, mobile analytics firm, said the app has been installed by 87 million users on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store since the service was first launched. At its peak, the app was downloaded 10.7 million times in June 2016. That declined to about 150,000 downloads in December 2018.

How to Export Images from Facebook Moments App

Follow this simple procedure to quickly export any images which you might have shared using the Moments App

  1. Open Export Your Moments
  2. You have two options to select from
    1. Create private albums on your Facebook profile – Select this option if you want all your moment images to be exported onto Facebook Album with a Private Privacy
    2. Download to your device – In this option you can download the images and select the quality in which you want your images , Available download qualities are High,Medium & Low
  3. After selecting the download option from Step 2 , you can proceed and click “Export Selected
  4. By default all your images will be selected under “Your Moments“.

    Export Facebook Moments
    Available options to backup Facebook Moments images

Create Album on Facebook

If you select the “Create Private Albums on your Facebook Profile” , you will be informed when the album is ready in your Facebook account, you will see a similar message

Create Private Album of Facebook Moments
Notification when you select export to Facebook Album option

after some time you will be given a notification that “The album you created from Moments App is ready to view” while a new album will be visible with all your images, the privacy for the album will be set to Private so you do not have to worry if someone can view that.
Facebook Moments Album ready Notification

Download Images

If you have prefer downloading the images you may do the same and if you select the “Download to your device” , you will be prompted by a message stating

Download Facebook Moment Images

Once the images are ready for download you will be given a notification in your Facebook account and an email will also be sent to your primary email address, please note the Downloadable Export of Images will be available for only few days and to download the images you will need to enter your Facebook Password. 

You can download the images by going to Moments Export Page and clicking the “Download File” link under the Available Files option

Download Facebook Moment Link


I hope it clarifies any questions if you had in an already very simple procedure. Many of you might not even be knowing about Facebook Moments App for those who know can get their images and see if they ever had any images shared on that app. Did you know about Facebook Moments App before this date ? You ever used Facebook Moment App ?

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