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Facebook Redesigns its Image Viewer, Copies G+ and a Bug

Just noticed that Facebook has redesigned the Photo View Option and Copied bit of Google Plus while doing so

facebook_new_picture_view_drhack.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

I find it a Good addition and it will be liked by users the best part is now when we read and scroll down the comments the Image always stay on the screen so no need to go down and up for Image and comments all in front of you at all times ..

The Tag boxes have dissapeared and the “Rotate Image” links are also removed .. Now i dont know how will that be taken by Facebook Users. You can see the New view by visiting any Photo in Facebook or this Public Album

Facebook team has been playing with the Image view since yesterday Evening but in the making they have messed up the Video Embed and play back in Facebook. It is Bugged now and doesn’t load as it is suppose to load because now I see Scroll-Bars around the the Video so may be they have decreased the Window heights and set it to “auto” which should have been “off” attrib.

facebook_video_embed_shows_scroll_bar.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

The same is visible on Videofy and YouTube Embeds , Let see when this gets Fixed.



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