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Google Go? No its Francis Go

Well as you all know about the Google Go Programming Language which i even remarked as not being such a big deal (well, Its Google Mate we expect something big…)

fmccabe on Nov 10, 2009 Wrote to Google Saying:

I have been working on a programming language, also called Go, for the last 10 years. There have
been papers published on this and I have a book.

I would appreciate it if google changed the name of this language; as I do not want to have to
change my language!

More specifically, Francis language is called Go! (with an exclamation mark), and his book is self-published at Lulu. I get the feeling no one should be able to reserve a normal word for their product/ invention/ programming language and then block others from using it in the future, but thats not how it goes for many reasons and Francis has a very valid point but one ponders why didnt google did any research on this or if they did and felt it “useless” to consider …Francis McCabe book description at Lulu says:

Go! is a multi-paradigm language — it has a strong foundation in object oriented programming, functional programming and procedural programming as well as logic programming. In addition, it is a multi-threaded language with communication capabilities. This is a powerful combination aiming to solve the hard issues of complex software development.

The aim of this book is to introduce the programmer to the features of Go! and to programming in the language.

But the users get the fun going on all sorts of situations and even considered google to change their names to :
Goo (which is also taken)
GOOP “Google Object Oriented Programming”
(many suggested this as well)
GoLang (Google Language)

Now Google might do something about it because they launched a new Programming Language or they might not even pay any attention to it, that time will tell the Cover of Francis Book is shown on the left so it can be his look and his language came in the lime light.. Now I should think names of Google Future Products “Go Even Faster” that can be the next version :p … or “Go tried to Go” , “Go! stopped Go” …

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  • Google is upto no good !! they even patented their homepage LAYOUT !! can you believe THAT ?!?! patenting/copyrighting your website’s LAYOUT ?!?!

    screw you google… but damn your workspaces/offices are just awesome 😀

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