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Google says “Make your Website Chrome Friendly”

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Elsewhere: “Make your website Google Chrome-friendly”

Google at the top of their webmaster guidelines page – which instructs people on what to do to be found, giving quality guidelines, content issues, how to be   indexed and ranked by Google search – added a blue box reading:

Make your website Google Chrome-friendly - Web developers, find resources to make your site look good in Google Chrome.

Turns out this box (worded in a way that gives preferential treatment to Google’s own software) is now stamped across a whole lot of Google’s webmaster help pages – the particular appearance on a page about Google’s rankings, which I guess Google wants to appear neutral, causes an odd juxtaposition.

We Have Chrome, Firefox and IE … out of these three 2 are supporting the Google product and wants sites to run good on Chrome … Right now Google is not pushing Chrome but wants webmasters to start working to make the websites more “fit” in Google Chrome in other words the CSS should be compatible with the Webkit on which Chrome is based on just like Safari

So we Use Google to Search , Orkut as our Social Network, Gmail as our Email, Chrome as our Browser, Gtalk as our Messenger, Adsense/Adwords  as our Ad choice, Analytics to monitor .. and it keeps going on and on.

Google what are you up to ? 😈

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