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Confused between Hacking or Blogging ?

Hackers and Bloggers might seem different but in reality they have a relation or more precisely a similarity, Hackers (excluding the evil buggers – the ransomware type) hack for learning/experience and fun. Bloggers share their knowledge,experience because that is what they enjoy doing just like the hackers.

Blogging or Hacking?

These two paths might come in-front of any newcomer in his life and it might not be an easy decision to make. I faced the same hurdle as I enjoyed hacking as much as I enjoyed blogging, In this article I’ll try to cover both subjects and discuss, what is better for you and why.

Keeping the financial situation of our hackers and things “The Pro” hide from you in blogging, I’ll reveal everything one needs to know before you waste your money, time and resources on useless stuff and in the wrong direction, So enough time wasted, let’s start straight from their Pros and Cons.

Hackers are Powerful and Important

I’ll start with Hacking and it was my first choice when I entered into “Tech World”. Hacking is basically an interesting, appealing and most curious topic everyone want to know about. As it sounds cool, it is also often misunderstood by many.

You should reconsider if your Hacking inspiration came from the Movies

Is Hacking worth Learning?

As far as this question is concerned, I would say “YES”, but again there are many consequences, misunderstanding in concepts and above all “rumors”.  When you’re just starting hacking or gathering information about it, it would sound very cool to you and professional hackers might also tell you about how much money they make with hacking, I’m referring to Carders (Stay away from them, I repeat Stay away!) but yes, there is a legal and much appreciated way to make money and establish a better career with it and that is Cyber Security or if we discuss on a low level we call it Beg Bounty (Ops! Bug Bounty).

In Bug bounty, you find bugs in company’s code and report it to them, in return they’ll pay you some reward. This sound straight and simple but that is not the reality. When starting with Bug bounty some might guide you to simply learn OWASP TOP 10 and get BURP SUIT, but its easier said, you’ll be stuck in finding bugs and playing with burp which requires time and a lot of time.

From BlackHat perspective, you won’t make money in start but yes, you’ll learn core concepts and adopt an attitude to explore and exploit which will help you in getting good grip on Cyber Security. There is no money in start remember that and risks are too high. But your plant will fruit if you add some great skill “seeds” to the root (whoami) .

Hammad Shamsi, a Pakistani Cyber Security Researchers advises in favour of hacking and tells why to choose hacking:

In these modern times as almost everything is connected with internet and everything which is connected with internet is hack-able so we must know about hacking or dark side of technology we are using and how it can be hacked, how we can become victim of our own technology. So if we know Hacking we can secure ourself. We can make ‘Internet World’ a safer place for innocents by sharing those hacking articles which demonstrate them so they know the ways of hacking any Attacker might use to attack them

How to become a Hacker

Let me share some long lasting and easy tips of getting you started with Hacking (if you desire that) and give clarity:[sociallocker]

  • There are no one click programs which will simply hack any Website for you
  • Hacking shown in movies is fake and have got nothing to do anything with reality
  • Hackers exploit human weaknesses its called “Social Engineering” – the most effective form of hacking
  • Installing Kali will give you an edge as it provides all the essential programs but it will not hack for you
  • Installing Cracks for Maltego will get you hacked before you could gather information about your victim, Black Hats have no hackers code. Everyone is their victim
  • You will need to invest some money to get hardware and books to enhance your hacking skills

[/sociallocker]I think the above points will be enough so you can make up your mind about Hacking, now let see what Blogging is about.

Are all Bloggers millionaire?

Obviously “NO”, Blogging is also widely misunderstood, It is very simple yet made very complicated. When we start a blog, instead of choosing the right path, we go for tricks and shortcuts to make money. There is a difference in making money straight or building a blog.

Blogging is all about Money ?

Secret: Blog what you enjoy blogging about

You run a blog to educate your audience and this way you make money. Your main objective is to provide value not to make money, so you should be clear about it. If you blog about something you enjoy writing you will be making money automatically , but if you also fell for the misconception about blogging and join a group on Google Plus and ask “how do I make a blog and make money from it” well my friend – you will fail miserably. Even if you succeed by following aggressive SEO and PBN tricks, all the effort you put in will be “boring” and you won’t enjoy a thing about it. There is a reason it is said “Money does not buy you happiness

Blogging has it’s own hurdles, when we start getting some traffic or completely fail in getting any traffic, we loose hope, we get stuck there, Muhammad Shoaib, A Pakistani pro-known blogger suggests

“PERSISTENCE”, stick with your goals, stick with your work, be honest with the business and grow your audience, the more you provide value, the more it will be easy for you to achieve whatever you want to, which is an established blog and earn some bucks.

Final Words

Once Elbert Hubbard said “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

Keeping the above quote as source of motivation, initially you’ll fail in both fields, you’ll face hurdles, but you need to choose one and stick to that. I’ve seen many people (Including myself) doing hacking and then turning to blogging and mess up both somehow. It is the wrong attitude and we need to fix it. Failures are the way to success, money does not grow on trees. You have to face all the hurdles and you have to decide your fate. I explained both and now it’s on you to choose the right one.

Will you be a Hacker or a Blogger ?

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