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  • No .skynet folder here, but Yahoo Mobile is sending spam Mail & IM. It includes a link to s k y n e t s e c u r i t y . n e t. Any luck with this?

  • well , we can find the source of that .. if you can tell me which mobile os you are using ? its app for android ? and secondly do you have a copy of that spam email ? so we can see that you can paste the email on or email me a copy ..
    I hate people who play tricks to spam shit :@

  • you will be able to get better information with the Email Headers of an email , so you know which servers are sending the email, because having the same spam from IM and mail might not be only XSS

  • I no longer have the email, but the headers show it sent from Yahoo Mobile. Once they got the cookie, they were able to send email and IM. 🙁 Reset the password and reinstalled the Android Yahoo Mobile. No problems since…

  • Okay, so its a Working “Cooke Spoofing” example .. i would suggest you check your Secondary email for this id and change your secret question/Answer ..
    thanks for suggesting the remedy

  • The secondary email was unchanged and reset the password for good measure. Thanks for the info!

  • i remember i installed that Game once , so i guess they are the defaulters.. thanks for providing the feed back will help lots of people around here 🙂

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