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Blank Invisible Name in Among Us PC Mobile

Play Unique with your Invisible Named Crewmate in Among Us

In game names mean a lot in this game as everyone address each other using their aliases or sometimes their colour. Many people have come up with different names to troll other players like having the name of a certain colour which would confuse people. But any attempt to remain nameless in Among Us by entering a blank space, never worked so you sit there wondering how to do it. Among Us does not allow you to keep a Blank name but with the trick which is being shared in this article will enable you to do so. Continue reading to know how to become a Blank Ghost in Among Us as you play. Having a blank name has other benefits aswell aspart from looking unique and awesome, as it makes it difficult for others to spot you and vote out. The invisible name trick of Among Us works on both PC and Mobile.

How to Keep a Blank / Invisible Name in Among Us [PC]

As of now there isn’t any dedicated article on the internet which is explaining the procedure on how to get a blank / invisible name of your Among Us crew member but I am sure many will come up copying it from here but this is the beauty of internet afterall.

You can easily have a blank name in Among Us PC version by following these steps:

  1. Copy the Special Blank Character inside the quotation marks
  2. Navigate to AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us which you can do by first searching %appdata% then opening the folder. If you can not see LocalLow there then go back one time. There you will see LocalLow, open it and find Innersloth folder. Open the folder and then double-click on Among Us folder
    Blank Among Us Name playerPrefs
  3. Right-click playerPrefs and select Open with. Now open the file with Notepad which will have your current name visible at the start of the file
    AmongUs PlayerPref File Edit
  4. Select your name and replace it with the character you copied in Step 1
  5. When saving the file remember to select Save As option to save it in the same folder and to save it with UTF-8 encoding and not ANSI
    Save PlayerPrefs Among Us Blank Name
  6. Once the file is saved, ensure it is not save as playerPrefs.txt, you have to rename it and remove the .txt extension at the end of the file. When saving it will ask if you want to replace the file, select Yes.

That’s it, you have successfully changed your name to blank name which is otherwise not possible. But if someone else uses this trick and joins the match before you then your name will append a ‘1’ so it is a good idea to paste the blank character more than once to avoid this problem.

How to Keep Blank name in Among Us [Mobile]

If you prefer playing Among Us on Mobile, making your ghost profile is even simpler then the procedure of having a blank name compared to a PC because you just have to copy Special Blank Character given in Step 1 above and paste it in the name field.

Blank name can can be seen of Red Crewmate on Among Us Mobile

If done correctly you will see the cursor shift to the right. If you don’t know how to paste this on mobile just press and hold on the space where you type your name and a Paste option will pop-up. Just select paste and voila you have successfully changed your name to a blank one.

Many users might find it pointless in having a blank name (or no name) in Among Us aside from being a little harder to see, having a bit of fun and being hard to recognise. You will always be known by players by your colour or say “It’s the one with an invisible name.” However, it may be helpful to take screenshots or make videos with a blank name too. Now you know how to have a blank name in Among Us PC version and mobile too. But one thing is certain that your blank name will cause alot of confusion a chaos which is the main goal of Among Us.

Let us know if there are issues below in the comments and any new tricks you have come up with!


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