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JetMan – IronMan was Inspiration ?

On 24 September, one man will risk his life to attempt the impossible – to become the first man to cross the English Channel with only a single jet-propelled wing strapped to his back.

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy will be the first person in history to fly across the English Channel using a special wing. Known as FusionMan, Rossy will jump from a plane more than 3,000 metres above ground, fire up the jets on his wing and soar across the English Channel at speeds approaching 190 kilometres per hour. Rossy will trace the route of French aviator Louis Blériot who dared to be the first to cross the English Channel in an airplane 99 years earlier.
Broadcast live on National Geographic Channel, we will document Rossy’s flight from his take-off above Cap Blanc Nez, France, to his landing, approximately 15 minutes later across the English Channel in Dover, UK. Rossy’s flight will also be streamed live online.

To achieve this historic feat, Rossy must overcome significant challenges along the way. He has never flown for longer than 8 minutes, his wing weight and measurements must be incredibly precise – even the addition of cameras mounted on the wing to record his flight may affect how long he is able to stay in the air. So he is constantly fine-tuning the design. Weather patterns can also affect his flight’s success.

A helicopter with a Webcam mount will follow (slightly higher than he flies and off side) Rossy across the Channel to capture the dramatic aerial coverage.



Who Is Jet Man?

A former Air Force pilot, Yves Rossy has spent much of his career flying thousands of people around the planet as a captain for SWISS. But when Rossy is not flying planes, he is jumping out of them. Freestyle, skysurf, freely – you name it, he has done it. But no matter how daring, these adventure sports never fulfilled his childhood dream: to soar like a bird. Not with a glider, but with a propelled fixed wing. Appearing live on National Geographic Channel in Jetman Live, Rossy will attempt to become the first person to cross the English Channel using a single, jet-propelled wing.

So Do Watch Out for this Event will be Awesome 🙂


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