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Spying on other Cell just got easier

Wanna Spy Someone?. It’s possible to spy on every text and mobile phone call he or she makes from the comfort of your computer. A top Kiwi private investigator has even suggested buying the suspected adulterer a new cellphone for Christmas to confirm your suspicions in the new year. Wellington-based investigator Warren Olson says software can be quickly downloaded to most internet capable phones for a fee. Every text and phone call can then be tracked on a website, even if the shifty subject swaps Sim cards. One of the first websites to offer the service, FlexiSpy (open it in new window to continue reading), lists compatible phones including Nokia, Blackberry and some Samsung models. FlexiSpy - Mobile Spying Utility It also offers a demonstration of the different spy services ranging from $212 to $531 a year. "I found in 99 percent of cases, if you suspect your partner’s cheating, they are," Olson says. "You need to be aware that a mobile phone is a person’s soul. If you get hold of a person’s mobile phone, you just know their life." The software also allows you to check up the on the kids or even business rivals. "The only thing is you need the phone for about half an hour or so. You make the payment to FlexiSpy, you get the phone and from that phone you send off an email to a said address. You get a reply and the reply gets stored on the phone. Once that bit of software is installed, you go back online, punch in a password and you can read every text and phonecall." He says the software is almost undetectable once installed.

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