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Microsoft WebMatrix – A Wonder

On 14th January 2011 – Microsoft Launched its new Product named : WebMatrix

WebMatrix is a brand new web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. It’s all-inclusive, simple and best of all free. Developing websites has never been easier are the claims of Microsoft, by the looks of this application it looks very much true …

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If you have the Microsoft Web Platform Installer You can download WebMatrix using that … or visit the Microsoft Web Platform Installer Site to install the installer with WebMatrix or you can visit Microsoft WebMatrix Site for more info

A Quick run down as to what WebMatrix is …

This thing will appeal you and you will understand how easy it has made things if you have been using Internet Information Services . I am sharing some of the aspects from the WebMatrix site …

Small yet Huge 

WebMatrix is a free Web development tool that installs in minutes and elegantly brings together a Web server, a database, and programming frameworks into a single, integrated experience. WebMatrix lets you code, test, and deploy both ASP.NET and PHP applications side by side.

Easy  code

WebMatrix is the easiest way to learn standards-based Web development and makes it simple to build and publish Web sites on the internet. Start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then seamlessly connect to a database or add in dynamic server code using the new ‘Razor’ syntax for ASP.NET Web pages. Your code is easy to read, simple to learn, short to write and works with any text editor. Use built-in helper functions to connect to a database, display a Twitter feed, or embed a video. And with a seamless path to ASP.NET MVC it is now easier than ever to create powerful ASP.NET Web applications.

Open Source

WebMatrix connects you to a world of popular and free open-source Web applications, including DotNetNuke, Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla!, and more. Simply select an application from the built-in gallery, and WebMatrix handles the downloading and installation of your new Web site. The days of hand-editing configuration files and making sure you have all the right components are long gone. Customize your site using the built in code editor and make it yours.

The BEST Part

Let Suppose you Install Dotnetnuke by using WebMatrix – You just need to fill in the forms and thats it , in future you want to edit the source code of Dotnetnuke, no need of installing Visual Sudio.Net seperatly WebMatrix takes care of each and everything and that for you aswell …

Create your website

Its a good step taken by Microsoft and will be encouraged by everywhere, let see where this takes the Web Development industry..This Tutorial will help you in starting off with your first website and there is a huge compilation on Webmatrix website for beginners to get there coding engines warm and running..

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