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Movies on Facebook

Yup !! Your Facebook credits can be used for watching movies with in Facebook

Right now it Costs 30 Credits to watch a Movie (on Rent)…This will be another way how people can spend there Virtual facebook credits to get something in return which is not Game (till now it was restricted for games only) which mean lots of earning for Facebook.

The only available title till now is the Batman the Knight Returns by Warner Bros – But this is just a start and the above page has a “Watch” link which asks to allow an “App” which allows us to watch the online Content

This is till now just available in the U.S which will soon roll out to else parts if the fire catches on which I don’t think gonna happen anytime soon.

The only folks worrying will be at RedBox, NetFlix and Hulu. Because Facebook as we know till now has been impacting everything it steps in (Facebook Mail? Well they stopping before they roll out!!! ) so if this also gets the right pace we will have a new trend in the way we watch movies, Imagine the Facebook API power combining it the Movie option coming onboard


In a short passage of time that will be quite clear how the 300 Million (approx U.S) react to this .

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